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  1. frankiebird

    Cage Big Enough For Two Budgies?

    Thanks everyone, will definitely purchase it when I'm ready to expand/add an extra budgie
  2. frankiebird

    Baby Budgie Not Fed Yet....

    Sorry to hear Jaffa, I hope everything goes well with the rest of your babies
  3. frankiebird

    Budgie Sits On Hand - Where To Now?

    Aw Jeff sounds like a cutie rachelm! How old is he? I haven't taught him anything yet, but I might try to! He's already started to get more tame since I have been more consistent. Is happy to sit on my shoulder for a while and is okay with me touching his beak.. just not his head yet.
  4. frankiebird

    Rachelm's Breeding Journal-2013

    How are the other babies doing rachelm?
  5. frankiebird

    Adult Budgie With Black Eyes?

    I'm thinking the same rachelm. We got him at the end of Feb this year and he would've been about 10-12 weeks old when we picked him up, that photo above I took today...
  6. Is it strange that Frank's eyes are still so black when he's now 1 year old?
  7. frankiebird

    Rachelm's Breeding Journal-2013

    Wow, what beautiful birds! Love looking through all the photos.
  8. frankiebird


    thanks everyone. here's a couple of photos of him from today - one showing the tiny spot on the back of his head.
  9. frankiebird

    Cage Big Enough For Two Budgies?

    thanks everyone, and thanks for the link trefto, very good prices indeed!
  10. frankiebird

    Cage Big Enough For Two Budgies?

    hey guys, just wondering whether you consider this cage big enough for 2 budgies? http://store.cityfarmers.com.au/bird/cages-and-aviaries/joy-flight-cage.html
  11. frankiebird

    Budgie Sits On Hand - Where To Now?

    thanks for the tips everyone . I should probably be more consistent! will try feeding him from my hand every day when he's out
  12. frankiebird


    thanks everyone! I think he's a bit of a cutie . such a lovely character too - has never ever tried to bite me! I think he is robyn, not completely sure. would love to breed him and see what I get! he has a white spot on the back of his head so I think he's split for recessive pied, so could produce some interesting babies . maybe in a year or two..
  13. frankiebird


    hi all, new to the forum, just posted in the taming forum, here's a couple of pictures of my bird, frank
  14. Hi all, I'm new to the forum. I have one male budgie called Frank, I'm pretty sure he's violet, that I got at the end of feb this year. I think he was approx 12 weeks at the time which must mean he's almost 1 year now. He comes out, and is happy to sit on my shoulder or step up on my hand but prefers doing his own thing on his play gym on top of the pantry. I'm just wondering if it would be possible to make him more tame? So that he lets me scratch his head and is a bit more interested in doing things with me haha. Just wondering what I should do to get him to this stage?