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  1. trefto

    Opinions Please

    I believe that when you join a budgie club to show your birds. You are only entitled to show those birds that you have actually bred yourself and have your own personal ring id on them. A show breeder will tell you for sure, but this is what I have read before.
  2. trefto

    Fallows, Plus Split Fallows, Wanted To Buy

    Hello Grali, I may have some contacts for them around the new year, when they start to cull the birds they don't want to keep. I did pick up a few start of this year but did also want a few more. keep checking here or pm me your email add where I can contact you Cheers, Trev
  3. trefto

    Not Sure Where To Post This Breeders License

    Hi check this link below,. and do some google research. you'll find the information you need. http://articles.sun-...r-game-officers or contact the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, at the link below, they will set you straight, Cheers, Trev https://public.myfwc.com/CrossDOI/LPIS/LicenseDetails.aspx
  4. trefto

    Halfsider Budgie

    He's amazing, thanks for sharing
  5. trefto

    Old Mate

    He's a nice looking bird, very showy, good luck with him.
  6. If this was a true TCB, then its flight feathers wouldn't be black, but they would be grizzled grey, much lighter color. This is a truelly unusual color variety, perhaps even something new, my opine.
  7. trefto

    Black Eyed Lacewing

    I stand corrected, from your pairing you would get lacewings and texas clearbodies
  8. trefto

    Black Eyed Lacewing

    Yeah, a cinnamon texas clearbody, looks right to me. And from that pairing you will likely only get Texas Clearbody chicks, as TCB is dominant to ino, and lacewing act the same as the ino gene.
  9. I'm leaning toward it being a boy, His type is a "Yellow face blue Opaline Spangle Dominant Pied" bit of a mix, not sure what yellow face type or what color blue, perhaps sky blue and possibly yf type 2
  10. trefto

    Is My Little Pied Youngster A Male?

    Ditto, Young Male, nice pied too
  11. trefto

    Wanting To Purchase Baby Male Budgie

    Hello Mel, have sent you a personal message, have a few babies at the moment, still in the nest, some specific to what your looking for, and I live in the same suberb, contact me and we can go from there. Cheers, Trevor
  12. trefto

    Help Boy Or Girl

    I think its either a boy or a girl, sorry but just a little hard to determine
  13. trefto

    My Flock

    Hello Mysixbabies, Do you know what type your Sandy bird is? She looks a lot like one of mine, and he is an Opaline Spangle Texas Clearbody, so i'd has at a guess, say thats possibly what Sandy is also. Cheers, Trev
  14. Could be a grey opaline greywing sf spangle
  15. Its a boy! Congratulations, Hand out the cigars.