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  1. JD3843

    Maz7's Breeding Journal

    I have had this happen to me before too. Two female budgies shared a nesting box, even though eight boxes were on offer. They raised three babies in their first lot with only one male and seven babies in the second lot with two males.
  2. I have had three budgies display this problem: they close their eyes and look like they are sleeping during the day, they stay down the bottom of the cage and they look unwell. The first budgie that showed this passed away because I didn't know what to do about it, the second one I took from the cage and placed it in a much smaller one and it returned to its usual self in a few weeks so I put it back in the big cage and now I have yet another one doing the same thing! I've placed it in a smaller cage until it starts acting normal again. Does anyone know what the problem could be and how I can stop it from happening? I don't want to loose another budgie.
  3. Eight of the Twin Mothers' Children (Minus the one who just hatched) All three of Ames and Crackers's three children
  4. I currently have nine baby budgies in the one nesting box. My mum and my sister are worried about there being too many babies in the box. There are eleven budgies in the box including the two mothers, who share the box when breeding. I'm worried that the mother/s will kick out the older babies too soon to make room in the nesting box for them and the younger babies. I was wondering if anyone has any help or tips that could help me.
  5. JD3843

    I Need Some Advice

    Thank you for the help.
  6. JD3843

    Twelve Babies And Counting...

    They are very cute. I'll try and upload a photo of the babies. Here's a link to pictures of the babies. http://forums.budgiebreeders.asn.au/index.php?showtopic=32796&hl=
  7. My three female budgies (Ames and The Twin Mothers) have all decided they wanted to breed this time around and have given me a heart attack in the process. Instead of just four or six babies hatching, I have a total of twelve and their might be more to hatch. The Twin Mothers (Bee and Gee) have hatched nine babies so far. That brings their total of babies this year to twelve with their eldest children, Frank, Percy and Lorien turning eight, nine and ten weeks old. I really wish they wouldn't share a nesting box so I could tell whose babies are whose. And to make matters more completed Bee has paired up with a different male this time around so how the babies turn out is anyone's guess. First time parents Ames (F) and Crackers (M) have hatched three little babies with two more eggs maybe to hatch. As far as I can tell Ames is feeding the babies and all looks good for the babies to survive. This time last week I only had nine budgies, now I have twenty-one. Guess I won't be needing that trip to the pet store to buy more budgies after all. Well not until the babies are out of the nesting boxes.
  8. JD3843

    I Need Some Advice

    I'm new to breeding budgies and my three female budgies have laid about seventeen eggs and as far as I can see all of them have babies growing inside them. All the eggs won't hatch right?Or can I expect a lot of baby budgies soon? (not that I wouldn't want that many baby budgies) Another thing. Two of the females are sharing a nesting box (even though there are eight nesting boxes in the cage) and I just figured I'd ask if anyone else has had that happen to them? I'm not worried about one female killing the other females babies since they have already hatched three babies when they were laying eggs before while sharing the same nesting box.
  9. JD3843


    Hi, my name is Tiarna and I have three male budgies, Crackers, Violet (I was hoping he was a girl when I brought him) and Speckles, three females, Ames, Bee and Gee, and three gorgeous little babies, who are five, six and seven weeks old (first budgie babies I have breed thanks to the help of my mother who breeds peachfaces), named Frank, Percy and Lorien(from oldest to youngest).