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    My family including the budgies. Gardening and sewing.
    Also, homeschooling my children.
    Can you guess how many children I have?
    I was breeding budgies 20 yeas ago and happen to breed yellow face blues with opaline spangle wings ?clearwing. I have started again after my children started being budgie fanciers and buying their own - I include their budgies in the 8 mentioned in my profile as we all help look after each others.
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  1. amum4children

    Full Sell Out

    Hi Daz, I have just sent you an email, but I just wanted to say on this forum that I am sure your expertize has helped many people with their budgies. I know you have helped me. Thank you. Are your breeding budgies days over now? :-(
  2. amum4children

    What Mutations Are These 2

    Your blue budgie is definitely opaline amoungst other things and the pied is a spangle.
  3. amum4children

    Budgerigar Calendar Competions

    I am going to have to say Nadene's photo - she looks so adorable sleeping ! :-)
  4. amum4children

    Budgie Facts About Illnesses And Diseases

    Sorry I can't help you maz7, but the internet might offer a few suggestions. I thought you might also be interested to see this if you haven't come across it yet. http://forums.budgiebreeders.asn.au/index.php?showtopic=25603 I sure was! All the best with your budgies.
  5. amum4children

    Twitching Leg

    It might be the perch. It looks very smooth and skinny. Try changing the perch and see what happens. At first glance I thought she was a she due to the white area around the nostrils. Have you thought of a name for her yet? Maybe 'Twitchy' ! :lightbulb:
  6. amum4children

    Budgerigar Calendar Competions

    APR It looks like my budgie Violet is trying to hide from yet another photo shoot. I can just imagine her thinking to herself, "Not another one!" Can we ask people to resubmit a photo that was from an earlier month ( that didn't win previously) if we like it ?
  7. Oh maz7! I am so sorry to hear of the sad outcome of Powderpuff"s health :sadsorry: . It was great to hear you were able to be with her till the pass away.
  8. amum4children

    Unsure Of Sex

    A hen - white and brownish appearance around the nostrils.
  9. amum4children

    Mutations Of Budgies?

    Thanks robyn.
  10. amum4children

    Mutations Of Budgies?

  11. amum4children

    Mutations Of Budgies?

    Ooops..here's the photo that was posted of Violet Her face spots are ever so light grey now. They look full colour too. What type yellow face is she? And Snowflake - dominant pied?
  12. amum4children

    Mutations Of Budgies?

    Here is a good photo of Snowflake without the flash. It shows head spot and cheek colour well. Do you see most of the wing feathers look full. The next photo is with the flash to show spots on face do not look spangle. I would love someone else in the expert arena to answer me only on looks and give me reasons why. I don't have any heritage on them so I am only after a rough guess.
  13. amum4children

    Ebay War On Hammocks Join In.

    Budgie Hammocks! I am going to have to look this up now to see what they are about! Surely not! Are they meant to be some sort of nest?! From what I quickly saw on the internet, the hammock idea is not catching on anyway. Anyone with enough sense will see they are dangerrrrousss to any budgie. Sorry for the strong words but seriously!
  14. amum4children

    My Birds

    Yes. Thanks. The male green budgie you said you just purchased is a greywing.
  15. amum4children

    Mutations Of Budgies?

    Thanks L__J. Anyone else have an opinion on what mutations please? Any ideas on babies?