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  1. Rip My Beloved Friends

    RIP my beloved Tulip who died on old years eve from some sore under her wing that just would not be cured. She was my first Lutino, but she left a heritage of 1 clutch that i kept 3 of the four and 1 Male is as yellow a his Mom.Now I have 3 Lutinos from clutches between her daughter and another male i bought in. Also RIP Lilac and Powderpuff-Died from Cropkanker last year, and a sick bird I bought with a breathing problem Tinkerbell, my first Budgie female I bought. Her mate is still going strong and has fathered many chicks.But i shed a tear every year for my lost friends............... RIP in Budgie heaven LOVE U ALL
  2. Pse help me with advice on how I can stop my budgies breeding in my Aviary. I'm exhausted and think we all could do with a 6 month rest period. I've removed all nest boxes and there is no nesting material but yesterday I caught 2 of them mating??? Help
  3. Stopping The Breeding

    thank you so much..........................i will rest them even till next year.The cleaning kills me! Also i give my birds cuttlebone permanently. They get corn on cob,apple,spinach,swiss chard and beetroot. THEY DISCARDED/IGNORED ALL OTHER FRUITS AND VEGGIES IVE TRIED.
  4. Sunlight

    Finnie.moderators, I am so confused now. I read on this very site how important direct sun is required for Vit 3D which is actually a hormone in budgies that helps their oil gland and when they preen themselves they spread this oil on their feathers. ?We don't have those fancy lights around here and if they r available they would be unaffordable.i put my birds that are not in the Aviary out regularly in the sun,but morning sun for best UK absorption. Sorry U V absorbtion
  5. Only read this now! But goodness me am I a victim of this! I've been asthmatic and allergic all my life! I noticed for past 4 months i battle breathing and have sinus and severe hay fever. I am allergic to sunflower seeds and linseed. Also grass and pollen and dust mites. I hose my Outdoor Aviary down but often sweep b4. So will wear mask as I am 55 years old and I do not want to give up my last joy in life.........
  6. Feather Mites

    Front line. ? My word! I use it on my dogs and cats.............interesting.
  7. How To Crop Needle A Budgie

    Question? Do you insert needle past tongue into gap to the left or right side of budgie? If I'm facing the budgie to my left or right.and how do u get past that tongue and get them to open the throat hole?
  8. Treats?

    I found my budgies ......All 40 in different ages go mad for Swiss chard/spinach and beetroot leaves.the odd corn on the cob
  9. Yogurt In The Diet

    I found this interesting. Can Budgies even eat plain yoghurt. ? I have a bird battling with his digestion. Hard poops or watery poops.he stresses terribly with being in a cage or aviary with other birds. I keep him alone in a cage now and he improves; but he is forever sick. Unfortunately I bought him from a shop like that and he was sick from day 1.he vomits or poops and sounds raspy at times. He s a beautiful yellow and bright green.with black markings under chin. I've named him Rasta and have had him for about a year. I put him out in the sun now (DIRECT SUN) most mornings when it does not rain in Cape Town for the Vit D 3 factor.most of my cages go out and the Avery gets direct and filtered sun.i also feed them spinach and Swiss chard and corn on the cob, apple and beetroot leaves. All other fruit and veg is wasted on them.
  10. . I feel helpless when they get sick as the Avian Vets r non-existant in Cape Town! There is one in the Countryside, far from us. I need to learn all preventative basics to avoid this, and almost take some vet course on Avian matters. anyone have any suggested books?. Quote MultiQuote Edit
  11. Hi Phoebe, referring to abovementioned females with ripped off beaks: I took both and foiled their stumps to a more pointy look. Both survived on the de hushed millet and Swiss chard and apple.their names are "notails" and Rainbow. Both thriving since Oct 2013 and "No tails" has had 2 beautiful clutches of 7 each chicks. That stump beak remained short on both but the little it grew was with my filed points and "No tails" has fed and reared 14 chicks stump beak and ALL! isn't nature amazing? Hi Phoebe, referring to abovementioned females with ripped off beaks: I took both and foiled their stumps to a more pointy look. Both survived on the de hushed millet and Swiss chard and apple.their names are "notails" and Rainbow. Both thriving since Oct 2013 and "No tails" has had 2 beautiful clutches of 7 each chicks. That stump beak remained short on both but the little it grew was with my filed points and "No tails" has fed and reared 14 chicks stump beak and ALL! isn't nature amazing?
  12. Help Me Sexing My New Budgie

    My opinion.: Groovy could be a young male 3 to four months but what baffles me is the white around nostrils which means it could become female? Only 2 to 3 months time you will be able to tell. Scala is defo male about 6 months And I agree females are aggressive much more than males. My males are all passive even in breeding frenzies. The females do all the fighting! Most of my bird's noise comes from the females! I have 40 Budgies. And I'm not a breeder.just love the critters.
  13. Help With Sexing!

    I agree yellow pied FEMALE! BLUE one Male.
  14. Trefto you so funny! He he he.lovely picture for your profile. I have a yellow budgie with brown markings all over the wings and she has cat EYES! LIKE A definite yellow colour.her mom is an Albino and her Dad is a green/yellow normal English budgie (original budgie colour) BUT HE was a show budgie. The chicks all get Dad's cute little fluffy beard with spots on it.wonder what breed they are?
  15. Budgie Or Budgerina?

    Male I say. I have 40 budgies,including 1 Albino female,a male English show budgie and 4 lutinos 😊
  16. All About Budgie Ceres

    Interesting. I look for whitish rings on larger nostrils for females and smaller flatter nostrils for miles. Also females seem to be more bulbous than males. This is start from colouring. Am I correct? Please correct me Kaz,Finnie.moderators?
  17. Sexing Baby Budgies

    It's the older ones that are problematic......especially if you can't see a definite pink ceres or they start to go blue yet look purple. Or they look mixed as if it's going to be a girl and then turns out to be a boy. Have I had to change names from Peter to Petra or John to Joan....hrhehe
  18. Interesting read. So I will go 2 aviaries now to check my specs for health.
  19. Puffed Up Budgie?

    Hi had a blow out on PC and changed mobiles so was off line for a while. What has happened with your family of 4????
  20. Hi All, My two clutches of young had to be moved to cages while i cleaned and disinfected my avery, also had to seal holes up for a mice problem and am treating all my birds against infection from contaminated food. what i find strange is the young scratch all the food out into bottom tray, then eat it, roll in it and sleep on it. Never seen this behaviour in 3 years i;ve bred. Is this normal? Also i placed a female away from her mate in Avery but she screeched daily so i put her back with him in cage again but she did the weirdest thing! she sat at the foodbowl and picked all seeds out and threw them on the floor. Almost like a maniac! what is this behaviour? i took her out again and put her back in avery and she still screeched and kept herself away from other budgies. now with the move into cages due to Avery clean up she is as quiet as a mouse. well actually normal. what is that kind of behaviour? stress? breeding condition? ceres is very dark!
  21. Mice In Aviary

    Ag my favourite subject! Mice can eradicate your flock in 1 week as they eat your birds food and pee on it. Your birds get this food in and die from Pharatyphus (excuse spelling).they chewed through cement?wood and wire.plastic. ? They laugh at you they chew through it.flooding helps zits they are faster than lightning.Poison. I'm a softy and I hate killing little creatures but my birds come first. My specialist mixed me rat poison (BLUE) IN A BOTTLE OF SWEET WINE. WE HAV A PRODUCT CALLED HANEPOOT. They go for the sweet wine and invest poison and die. It's imperative that location must be were no dog, cat.or bird can get to it.no kid can get to it.I have a double entry door like a safe door. I left some seeds there among food containers that r sealed. Took a yoghurt cup and cut it in half,stone in it do can't be tipped and put the cocktail in .empty my Aviary of over 100 birds and am treating them with special stuff for them.Tommorrow I disinfect and scrub aviary and put poison down again. Well keep birds in cages for 5 day treatment of meds. One sign is a protruding breastfeeding bone.birds and mice love seeds BUT theye r grave enemies Sad but TRUE! TINY SWEET MICE BUT NA ST SICKNESS! KILLING YOUR ENTIRE FLOCK CHOP CHOP.I LOVE YOUR AVIARY ! IT'S ABSOLUTELY STUFF ING. GREAT Maz7 *I meant stunning And Nasty sickness.
  22. Puffed Up Budgie?

    Lettuce,Spinach,Beetroot leaves,sweetcorn,strawberries,apple,carrots,grapes...I've tried cucumber,and other veggies but no go. I've also tried chopped up in my electric processor no go. One other one they sort of nibbled a bit at was Butternut pumpkin, but i suppose any yellow pumpkin-(RAW), only my sweetcorn i will cook sometimes, but they prefer raw.
  23. hi is it normal for Siblings or young to feed each other? they are hardly out of nest and parents are still weaning them. Noticed one brother feeding two younger siblings. Also noted one young from another nest feeding the youngest runt from another nest. so sweet Man!
  24. Thanks Nadene! By the way My Budgie that was so sick recovered completely! He is gorgeous but I am too scared to expose him to the Aviary.He's in a cage with a small female Lutino which I bought Calypso and she was pooping whole seeds out but she is perfect now. I find the best thing for all of them is Pro-biotic powder sprinkled over their food! The one Budgie (Rasta) that i bought from a store......supposed to be reputable-has been sick from beginning, vomiting, with that sticky substance on the head. He/She comes right then relapses again. I keep Rasta seperate in a cage in my one room. He is beautiful green&yellow but his ceres is mottled pale blue- I'm not sure if he is Male. Maybe his condition makes him not show a proper blue.Will upload a photo or two maybe someone can identify his sex for me. Just as I think he gets better -he / she gets sick again. Has he got Megabac? I want to complain to the store i bought him from, because their carelessness can cost a person dearly if a bird infects the rest.
  25. Sexing Baby Budgies

    i was right with all except no.7 i wasnt sure.