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  1. Carys94

    What Does This Mean?

    No im not taking his food out of his cage. I put some food in my hand and he sometimes eats it. Things are still not better. Hes now starting to nibble evything and is cage. Is this normal? And can his behaviour be changed?? Thanks everyone
  2. I have a 3 month old budgie who bites. If i Have food in my hand or some millet he will step on and eat and try and nibble on my hand. But if i put my hand any where near him when. Ont have food he will bite me. Please help!!!!!!
  3. My budgie is 3 months old . He's still not hand tame either. He has bitten me a few times but I'm working on building his trust by hand feeding him but everytjme i put my hand near him to do this he pecks at my hand. He also does this to his perches. Can anyone tell me what this is ??????? I really want a good relationship with him. He is also my first budgie . Thanks in advanced
  4. Carys94

    Budgie Biting In The Evening

    No he didnt. I dont understand why he was fine through out the day and only bit me at night thanks
  5. Ive had my budgie for a month , but two weeks later we went on holiday so he went to stay with parent in laws. When he got home he was flying around the room and getting on my finger. But after a few hours when i was trying to get him on my finger (he's still learning) he bit me twice so i left him alone then he went to bite my boyfriend. So we left him for the night. Next day he was fine till 6pm and then bit me again. If any one could please help me i would be great full.