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  1. Jasongj

    Bird Selection

    okay, here's the update a year on.. I have a small, light green male budgie now. I bought him back in January and he's taming up nicely. As for my other bird, I now keep her at work where she is used as pet therapy for older people with mental health issues. Being so tame and playful she is ideal and I get to see her everyday and keep an eye on her welfare. It's been so successful, the manager has invested in another bird to take to other homes as well as night time company for my old one. Alls well that ends well.
  2. Jasongj

    Bird Selection

    ...ps Internet searches are fruitless. have found plenty of babies But not light green. Hence plumping for a lesser blue one. Khaki green, bright green, dark green yes, but not babies. Not a single light green, young or old. Surely a breeder in south east England has one somewhere? If I could guarantee light greens from light greens, I would breed my own. But this strain is watered down, it seems?
  3. Jasongj

    Bird Selection

    Have just looked through this site and noticed everyone is Australian! Oh well, I should've looked first haha You don't know how lucky you are to have wild budgies flying about. We don't have bush budgies as you call them here. We have them the same colour in dwindling numbers it seems, but they are out of a long line of captivity birds. Most are now blue, violet, yellow or white in all sorts of hideous crosses. Give me a bush budgie any day. Infact I would much prefer to catch my own! Look after your new pair mate and count your blessing- don't ruin 'em by crossing them with pieds, spangles, whites etc. they're a very special pair. But I can sit here and say that cos I'm worlds away from having what you have. You lucky fella. Post me some of their chicks haha Regards..
  4. Jasongj

    Bird Selection

    Hi.. I have kept budgies since I was a boy. Single bird inside the house. Each one, i got as a baby and tamed them up and had them talking. I now have a super tame 9 month spangle sky blue that has started to talk well. He flies in and out the cage at will and often comes to pester me to pull the buttons on my shirt, nibble my ear or pull my hair. If I open my mouth he gets inside and goes down my collar on a cold evening to roost. He also follows me into the shower and runs up and down my arm flapping himself in the spray. Fantastic bird and a cheeky one. Now, my problem is this- he has turned out to be a she and its not green. I hunted high and low for a year or more to find a baby, male, light green budgie. I failed and opted for second best- a blue one. And now it's defo a girl! When I was young budgies were only ever green or sky blue. Now they come in all sorts of ghastly patterns! Native light green birds are increasingly hard to find. Where can I get a green 6week bird that's a boy? (As best as can be told cos gender is hard to distinguish at that age). Any green budgie breeder within Kent area? I will have my current bird for rehoming when I find one (sorry prettyboy, you were bought in haste after desperation!) and will pose a problem in itself as I want her to go to a knowledgable loving home only. If I last resort to breeding myself, how do I select and breed them so I only end up with light green babies? I only want one bird so what do I do with all the others? I know I'm fussy and probably ungrateful for the fantastic bird I have, but pets are important and so is choosing the right one. Someone please give me constructive advice on what to do with my current bird and/or locating a LIGHT GREEN male bird.