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  1. Hi Ive recently taken to sprouting seeds for my birds. I know you're supposed to disinfect the seeds but I cant stand bleach and I doubt the efficiency of ACV so would I be able to use milton's antibacterial tablets? They're for babies so I thought they'd be pretty good But what dilution should I have them in? Should I follow the box ratio (1tablet to 2 liters)or would that mixture be too strong? Thanks!
  2. mochi

    A Better Budgie Diet?

    Sounds great! Make sure the branches you get are from a clean environment free of pollution/pesticides etc
  3. mochi


    Hi I feed it once times a week in normal conditions 2-3 times a week for molting or conditioning them to breed and then once the first chicks hatch, they get eggfood daily they absolutely love it!
  4. Hi guys, I recently got my breeding cabinets in check and I'm looking for a pair of budgies to go in them. I'm only doing pet type birds for now I tried looking on gumtree but so many people are unwilling to give information about the bird's age diet etc which is a cause of concern. I think buying from a member here would be my best bet of getting nice healthy birds. I live in the Eastern regions of Melbourne, around the Knox area and I'm willing to travel 20mins. I'm looking for a pair that can produce DEC, albino or blue recessive pieds. My birds are only bred twice a year during periods when temperatures are favorable. When breeding, they get lots of softfood, sprouted grains and fruit and veg. Thanks in advance
  5. mochi

    Eggs Always Infertile

    Thanks for the tip jenny. i might try that next time
  6. I've got a pair of birds set up to breed but every single round they give me 1 or no fertile eggs. i have no idea why. they get liquid calcium, eggfood,vegetables, sunligh they're not related and they're only around 2yrs old. I have no idea why this happens. they're definitely male and female. They mate frequently. could it be a genetic problem? Im really stuck...