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  1. jazzcam77

    Hen Eatting Eggs?

    Okay dam hen ate the eggs. I checked 1 week ago and 3 were fertile at least. This was her 2nd round. 1st round didn't hatch either. What would you do?
  2. jazzcam77

    Boiled Eggs?

    My pop feeds only the yolk to his finches?? How do you feed it to budgies? Thanks
  3. jazzcam77

    My Show Results - 2010

    Well my 1sy show wasthe sate sheildswas packing dacks couldnt even put the sickers on my cage was shacking that bad my rec pied got 7th very happy then from there i have sone 2 other shows my rec always 1st its brother 2nd or 3rd and my cin sp hen has placed 1at ay her 2 shows so far a impressive result
  4. okay as you all know im new what do you have in your bird 1st aid box ie wormer minerals scallyface stuff etc
  5. jazzcam77

    Miniature Show Budgerigars

    I dont know to much about this incident however i have great intrest in the mini budgies thought it would be good for my kids to get involved there always trying to look after mums birds
  6. okay should i het his wings clipped??? How long do i leave him to settle before handeling him i did vist him 1 or 2 time a week and feed him etc he will be aprox 6weeks old when he comes home i have his cage that has a swing and ladder a play gym tray thing i saw on the net any advice will be taken i have never had a tame bird before have a picture of my daughter holding bumble thats his name but cant figer out how to attach it?????
  7. Thanks however what do you feed them to avoid all this?
  8. Thanks for that great info
  9. jazzcam77

    Hi All

    Hi all im a 35yr old mum to a nearly 3yr old daughter and a 20mth old son my daughter is getting a hand reared budgie for her birthday on the 14th of may. I have never had a tame bird before so very excited will keep you all up to date and prob ask many silly questions lol but really want this budgie to be happy love us and teach him tricks later etc any advice on bringing him home and getting him settled in would be great thanks jasmine
  10. Thanks thought it would be a good idear to make sure i had a 1st aid kit before i picked up my birds
  11. Thanks most helpful i had a look but couldnt find it
  12. jazzcam77

    "you Kill Your Birds With Kindness"

    I know that mite spray if ued incorrecly with reptiles can kill them maybe its the spray you did use it alot??
  13. Also is top of decent mite spray okay for birds i use it for my reptiles thank goodness only once when i 1st got my snake from living jungle fawlkner melb dam owner didnt even know!! Neither did the staff!!! wont name him just incase lol my snake was fine when i put him on layby when i picked him up he was infested!!!!!
  14. jazzcam77

    Cages ? Right Or Wrong ?

    What if the budgie is out most of the time?? hmm dam it just brought my daughters cage
  15. jazzcam77

    Picking Your 1St Show Budgie

    His in gladstone park i think his name is paul i had 2 screaming toddlers running around his with the west suberbs club i found his add in gumtree as club rung english show budgies some of the phtos have some nice looking birds to me but im not sure as its all new to me
  16. okay i have arranged to go to a club breeder house to pick out my 1st show budgie tomorrow I was going to go to geelong sales but a family member decied to have her birthday party that day at 12pm! How rude lol anyway so i found a add on gumtree he has a few birds i like the type colour etc but unsure about the spots on face etc can someone please tell me what makes a good novice bird thanks
  17. jazzcam77

    Vet In Melbourne

    Where and who my baby will be comming come next week and i dont know of a local avian vet but brunswick is only 25mins away thanks
  18. jazzcam77

    Venting About Inlaws

    His locked in a reptile unit there in different rooms reptile room also has a lock on it as i have 2 toddlers im not that stupid lol
  19. jazzcam77

    Venting About Inlaws

    Makes me glad my inlaws just wont come in the house as its messy and i have pet python maybe you could get one too lol
  20. jazzcam77

    Hi All

    Hi i have photos of my daughter and bumble on snapbucket and also facebook jasmine cameron cant figure how to link them im using my phone as my 20mth son broke my wiifii stick thingy lol
  21. jazzcam77

    Budgie Shows

    Also i just got told geelong april 22nd theres a sale going with the lady who is hand raising bumble
  22. jazzcam77

    Budgie Shows

    Thanks there sending me the forms to.join as meeting times are bad for me with my kids also they will help me with finding birds
  23. jazzcam77

    Budgie Shows

    I want to show just cant attend meetings due to the time there held dam it and yes i will want more but have a big dog in my backyard who would love alot of birds lol so no room for heaps so will be picky and see what happens in a few years when my kids are bigger
  24. jazzcam77

    Bumble 2Wks Old With My 3Yr Old Daughter

    okay i have started a facebook page jazzcam77 not sure of the links but sure if you put in my user name it will work im soooo computer illiterate lol
  25. Hmm how do i load pics?????