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  1. hath

    Who Are You?!

    Hi everyone, Well I'm not really new here, but havnt been on for a few years but i do look in now and then and its a shame to see a lot of the people who were active have moved on think i joined around 2003 god 11 years ago were has the time gone lol after 20 odd years of keeping birds i finally stopped after my birds were stolen i did try and start up but the heart ache of losing years of work was to mush and my heart was not in it, funnily enough although havnt had birds for a few years it was only last year that i finally dismantled the birdhouse What is your favourite mutation? spangle Blue or Green Series? green series all the way nothing like a good green cock bird How many birds do you keep at the moment? none but did have well over 100 at one time What do you prefer Pet or Show type? Show. What got you into budgies? dont know really
  2. hath

    Feather Plucking?

    place some soft wood for the bird to chew normally its normaly bordom but once they start it is very hard for them to stop also there is a liquid now you can put on the birds head it came out just as i stoped keeping birds so cant remember the name
  3. wouldnt mind seeing the first in another 6 months
  4. hath

    Pulling Feathers For Clear Spots

    as the above really do it over a few days be carefull as you can bruise the bird and this will cause other feathers to fall out and you can bet the spots you want leaving if you can i would cut the feathers instead of pulling this has a couple of advantages firstly it will last all season (show) so it is only done once secondly if you do it rite it makes the mask look fuller i would use the spring loaded scissers the ones that stop open with a small spring and you close to cut
  5. hath

    Quick Question

    a hen in breeding condition will chew chew chew so that is a good sign. also dont use nesting material so if she is removing it she could be getting the box ready to nest
  6. hath

    To Cold For Me!

    4.4 c (40) isnt that cold really even if it had been warmer i think your spot on there i agree with this as well but i still dont think 4.4 was cold enough on its own to kill the bird i wait till their is no more frost when young and breeding pairs are put out into outside flights
  7. hath

    To Cold For Me!

    how cold was it during the night
  8. hath

    Budgie Quiz

    10/10 must be luck
  9. hath

    Which Seed Mix Is The Very Best?

    dont look at major pet outlets you need seed merchants whole sale places if you know somebody who keeps pigeons ask them where they get their seed from or use the likes of bucktons or Johnsons and Jeff's your local bs society has 5 people who sell buctons in london area other bird groups will sell the other major brands the problem you will find will be they are in large bags around 20 to 25 kilos but a seed merchany might be able to ssplit a bag for you
  10. hath

    Great Britian Budgie Quiz

    5/5 Where is this 'Budgerigar Society' show held? London, Earls Court Doncaster, Race Course N.E.C.,Birmingham Sutton Coldfield its now held at the dome doncaster not the race course also q.2 could be two answers to that as the bs has its own mag called budgerigar
  11. hath


    pen and paper (breeding register) have used computer and still do a little but there is no substitute in filling the register out in the bird room looking at the pairs and chicks
  12. hath

    Is My Budgie Too Old To Show?!

    if you buy a bird it has to be shown in the any age group even if it is a young bird you can onkly show own bred birds in the young class
  13. yes and yes after going back over my breeding records the number of hens bred went up by around 40 %
  14. hath

    Budgies Vs Mice

    to fill the holes smash glass into the holes then fill them this should stop them reopening the holes
  15. hath

    Trimming Vent Feathers For Breeding?

    unless you are breeding big buff show birds their is no need to trim vent feathers as for nails they should not be to long as they have been known to puncture eggs