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  1. I have one pair, the female laid 6 eggs and sat on them faithfully, but they are dead in shell. Appear to have died early in gestation. Parents eat zupreem pellets with occasional greens and hard boiled eggs. Doesn't seem like there should have been a nutritional deficiency. Any suggestions welcome! Thanks.
  2. JMG

    Dead In Shell?

    I have one pair of budgies who finally took an interest in their nestbox. The female laid six eggs about 3 - 4 weeks ago and has been sitting on them constantly. The male guards the box and feeds her - very attentive. I started wondering if the eggs were fertile, so broke one (hadn't seen the instructions here yet about how to tell) and it was definitely fertile, but the embryo was not fully formed and I think was dead. What would cause the chicks to die in the shell? How long should i wait before just removing the eggs? I feel bad for the parents - they are working so hard at this. thanks! Jill