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  1. Full Spectrum Lighting

    Actual shade, because the bird'll want to escape the glare of the light from time to time and 2 foot wouldn't be sufficient to escape it
  2. Full Spectrum Lighting

    you need the bird to have somewhere to hide if they don't want to be in the light...
  3. Full Spectrum Lighting

    You also need to consider covering part of the cage, which I've heard some people find carshades good to use for this purpose
  4. Hand Feeding

    On top of what BJ said, it's actually healthier for the chicks to be fed under the parents for a certain length of time... I forgot why, and I forgot when... just do it
  5. Hand Feeding

    it's meant to be as their eyes are opening right?
  6. Hand Feeding

    10-14 days is the norm
  7. Budgerigar Breeders Club

    That is true, I too like the smilies I meant sticky threads? lol
  8. My Irn

    Hey guys, The breeder that I'm buying my IRN from has given me a current photo of him/her Here it is Nearly 3 weeks old Normal Blue mutation and I really really can't wait for him/her to arrive! Seriously! I'm going tomorrow night to birdnap him/her (please don't take me seriously there ) So yeah... in about 1 1/2 - 2 months, I'll be the rediculously proud owner of an IRN
  9. Budgerigar Breeders Club

    hmmm... I suppose FB is taking over eh? But there is one good thing about forums that facebook doesn't have... and that is stickys I love stickys
  10. Budgerigar Breeders Club

    I'll ask KAZ what's up if you like
  11. Bye Bye Sparta...

    RIP Sparta... died around midnight 17/08/2012... you will definitely be missed sweety Just so you guys know, her head got stuck in a happy hut, and broke her neck... bye bye
  12. Irn

    Hey guys, The night after Sparta died (RIP), my parents gave me permission to get another bird, and I asked for an IRN and they have no problems with it I already cleaned Sparta's old cage and cleaned everything, repositioned everything etc! It looks great I know which breeder I'll get the IRN from and I know that she breeds the normal blue mutation, so I will definitely be getting that! She prices them $180 for quality mutations and h/r IRN's which imho is very very very good My dad and I went to birds n all yesterday after Figure Skating training, just to remind me the size of them, and like I remembered, they're perfect! So in a few weeks time, when my IRN is ready, I will be the proud owner of an Indian Ringneck
  13. Irn

    okay, so in about 2-2 1/2 months I'll be owning an IRN
  14. Bye Bye Sparta...

    If you ever get one, get the largest one you can find that has openings on either side, and only use it for a budgie lol :/
  15. Awsome Clip

    Wow! That's awesome!
  16. Can Budgie Parents Foster Other Types Of Birds?

    Ummm.... I'm pretty sure that parrotlets and budgies have different feather types, so I think disease would spread... you know... feather dust? Idk lol
  17. Bye Bye Sparta...

    ummm.... a fleece tent??? did a quick google images search and here is one http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/eight-mile-plains/other-stuff-for-sale/bird-buddy-bunk-bed-plush-happy-hut-tent-parrot-toy-small-size/1004915010
  18. A Small Question Out Of Curiosity!

    I think it's either something to do with anatomy, or it's just easier to do it for larger birds.... am interested in the topic though
  19. Nerwens Little Girl

    Awwww cute!!! Lucky you weren't like Mum with me Mum's water broke on a plane that was just landing, and only just got the the hospital in time to give birth to me technically I'm not Australian because my head popped out before she had passed quarantine (she was unconcious for some of the birth and had to start pushing in the line in quarantine lol
  20. Nest Charts

  21. Nest Charts

    I'll sue you Dillster! Haha
  22. Nest Charts

    Technically mine and I dont mind, who wants the copyright!? haha
  23. Nest Charts

    I don't get moved to either unfortunately :/
  24. Nest Charts

    So like this Finnie?
  25. Nest Charts

    So close...