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  1. Flip-trainer

    Full Spectrum Lighting

    Actual shade, because the bird'll want to escape the glare of the light from time to time and 2 foot wouldn't be sufficient to escape it
  2. Flip-trainer

    Full Spectrum Lighting

    you need the bird to have somewhere to hide if they don't want to be in the light...
  3. Flip-trainer

    Full Spectrum Lighting

    You also need to consider covering part of the cage, which I've heard some people find carshades good to use for this purpose
  4. Flip-trainer

    Hand Feeding

    On top of what BJ said, it's actually healthier for the chicks to be fed under the parents for a certain length of time... I forgot why, and I forgot when... just do it
  5. Flip-trainer

    Hand Feeding

    it's meant to be as their eyes are opening right?
  6. Flip-trainer

    Hand Feeding

    10-14 days is the norm
  7. Flip-trainer

    Budgerigar Breeders Club

    That is true, I too like the smilies I meant sticky threads? lol
  8. Flip-trainer

    My Irn

    Hey guys, The breeder that I'm buying my IRN from has given me a current photo of him/her Here it is Nearly 3 weeks old Normal Blue mutation and I really really can't wait for him/her to arrive! Seriously! I'm going tomorrow night to birdnap him/her (please don't take me seriously there ) So yeah... in about 1 1/2 - 2 months, I'll be the rediculously proud owner of an IRN
  9. Flip-trainer

    Budgerigar Breeders Club

    hmmm... I suppose FB is taking over eh? But there is one good thing about forums that facebook doesn't have... and that is stickys I love stickys
  10. Flip-trainer

    Budgerigar Breeders Club

    I'll ask KAZ what's up if you like
  11. Flip-trainer


    okay, so in about 2-2 1/2 months I'll be owning an IRN
  12. Flip-trainer

    Bye Bye Sparta...

    If you ever get one, get the largest one you can find that has openings on either side, and only use it for a budgie lol :/
  13. Flip-trainer


    Hey guys, The night after Sparta died (RIP), my parents gave me permission to get another bird, and I asked for an IRN and they have no problems with it I already cleaned Sparta's old cage and cleaned everything, repositioned everything etc! It looks great I know which breeder I'll get the IRN from and I know that she breeds the normal blue mutation, so I will definitely be getting that! She prices them $180 for quality mutations and h/r IRN's which imho is very very very good My dad and I went to birds n all yesterday after Figure Skating training, just to remind me the size of them, and like I remembered, they're perfect! So in a few weeks time, when my IRN is ready, I will be the proud owner of an Indian Ringneck
  14. Flip-trainer

    Awsome Clip

    Wow! That's awesome!
  15. Flip-trainer

    Can Budgie Parents Foster Other Types Of Birds?

    Ummm.... I'm pretty sure that parrotlets and budgies have different feather types, so I think disease would spread... you know... feather dust? Idk lol