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    Budgies, deffinitely. I used to breed, but stopped when we moved interstate. I wish to breed budgies again and this time perhaps even show them.
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  1. ~ Charly ~

    Lost Budgie ---- Sky-Blue Opaline

    Well ... my "aviary" is only really a patio aviary, it's on a stand. We can't build a safety chamber on it then. But, we will be getting a bigger aviary with a safety chamber, and we will be putting it in the shed just to keep all the birds inside.
  2. ~ Charly ~

    Lost Budgie ---- Sky-Blue Opaline

    Another two budgies have escaped from their cage ( dumb aviary doors ! ). They are two young birds named Princess and Dusty, both females. Dusty is a Cinnoman, she is a green-grey blue colour. She escaped today, 6 / 12 / 2011. Semi-tamed I guess ... Princess was suppose to be a Lacewing, but I think she may be Albino. She is plain white, and a very inquisitive bird. Somehow yesterday ( 5 / 12 / 2011 ) one of the doors to the aviary was left open or popped open ( wasn't main door ), I am pretty sure she was the first to escape the cage, before two others who were returned on the same day. Anyway, if you find them, or the other bird, please PM me ! I'm waiting for them to be returned.
  3. ~ Charly ~

    Lost Budgie ---- Sky-Blue Opaline

    Oops, forgot. She is a Sky-Blue CINNAMON Opaline hen. Sorry.
  4. Our Sky-Blue Opaline Hen escaped from her cage today and she is untamed. We call her Sky. If anyone catches her again / sees her, please PM me ! We are on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Thanks for any help.
  5. ~ Charly ~

    Is My Lutino Budgie Male Or Female?

    I though it looked more pink ... I was thinking male but then again I may be wrong.
  6. Hi, I looked through the posted topics, and through the FAQS, and I didn't find anything on this ( I hope I didn't miss anything ). I was wondering if, when budgies are breeding, do they get food cravings for some fruits and veggies or other foods ? The question suddenly popped into my head and now I really want to know. Sorry if there is already a topic on this .... But thanks.
  7. ~ Charly ~

    Double Yolker Eggs And Twins

    Aww ... It would have been nice to see what the turn out was if they were to hatch. But I guess no one can change anything now can they ? Sigh ...
  8. ~ Charly ~

    Meet My Four Budgies:

    Ice's name has now been changed to Sky II ( in honour of Sky I ). Ice did not fit. It is Sky for for short ....
  9. ~ Charly ~

    Disgusting Conditions

    Yes, I have seen it. I have seen a few love birds in a small cage once, actually very recently, who had been pulling their own feathers out because of boredom. The poor things, the only things in their cage was a perch and their food and water dishes that sat on the floor, and each other of course. The poor things were helpless. I have seen much worse - such as a sick bird sitting at the bottom of the cage surrounded by many other budgies, no one bothering to tend to his illness - but anything else I would rather not mention. I recommend you don't buy from that pet store again if you dislike the way they treat their birds. If you buy a bird you just feel sorry for - and I admit I have done it before - then the pet store isn't going to learn much from it, all they'll learn is that if they sell sick or injured birds or don't clean the cage or whatever, customers will feel sorry for them and buy them. It's hard not to, but don't give the pet store money for doing something wrong, that isn't how it goes. Maybe report this to the RSPCA if it gets any worse.
  10. ~ Charly ~

    What Are The Best Nesting Materials ...

    Now that you've asked that I am wondering the same thing.
  11. ~ Charly ~

    Boris Is Gone

    I'm sorry for your loss. Loosing a beloved pet is the worst thing ever, you must feel so miserable without her. I know I did when my budgie passed away.
  12. ~ Charly ~

    Pink Budgie Nest 2011

    That's a shame. Better luck next time. Hopefully next time you will have some nice birds and end up with some really nice chicks. Good luck !
  13. Hi everyone ! I thought I would get everyone to post a picture of their little buddies. And it doesn't matter what kind of little buddy he is - whether he is feathered, furry, scaly, slimy, whatever ! We want to see them ! I'll get some pictures of my pets and post them in the morning, right now I don't have a PhotoBucket account and I don't know how to use it. But I'll get the hang of it soon enough. And I know there is probably something like this already posted, but there are more people that have joined this forum now, and we want to see their pets too !
  14. Hi Daz !

    Would you happen to be selling any Double Factor White cocks over the age of 12 months right now ? Or possibly a normal sky blue hen ?

    I want to breed budgies, but I need a new pair !

  15. ~ Charly ~

    R&t's Breeding Journal

    You seem to be doing a pretty good job there ! I haven't even added a nest box to my birds cage, I'm still preparing. This is my second round at breeding, and I decided I would do LOTS of research on some stuff before I tried again.