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  1. Jetsbudgies

    Cock Or Hen

    Both boys
  2. Jetsbudgies

    Help Me Sexing My New Budgie

    Both are 100% boys
  3. Jetsbudgies

    Selling Budgies

    Thank you so much for the reply budgieowner. Your answer really helped.
  4. Jetsbudgies

    Selling Budgies

    Hi, ive been breeding and selling my culls off for 5 years now... and like to know do I need to pay any tax or let the taxation office know that ive been selling my budgies? I haven't been able to make any profit from my hobby cause I use my money pay for budgie food and accessories sometimes buy new and rare budgies I don't already have.. but Im still selling do I need to declare cause I dont want to get stung by the taxation office 10 years down the road. Best regards
  5. Jetsbudgies

    Two Males?

    No1 male, no2 female.
  6. Jetsbudgies

    Liela And Speed

    Definitely not a dominant pied.. look like a normal bush budgie to me.
  7. Jetsbudgies

    Any Advice?

    Geezz thanks kaz in believing in my story! One day i hope you'll be pleasantly surprise that im not full of ****! And that im pretty skillful in what i do.. ! Anyway its just my opinion, tinkerbell, yes give it ago and best of luck!
  8. Jetsbudgies

    Any Advice?

    Im just telling her the truth.. i dont want to give her false hope, with her budgie being 5 years of age instead of taming her you could cause more stress and damage than its worth.
  9. Jetsbudgies

    Any Advice?

    Im just saying, i wouldnt recommend it, at 6 months i would be training to speak a second language after english, not trying to get it to step up on your finger! Just some friendly advice from some who has attempted to train many budgies, of all ages!
  10. Jetsbudgies

    Any Advice?

    I said you, shouldn't try as it can be extremely difficult! And stop comparing a budgie can never be a person.
  11. Jetsbudgies

    Any Advice?

    I have hand tame hundreds of budgies in my time and still counting..
  12. Jetsbudgies

    Any Advice?

    I dont think you should try past 6 month of age! As a budgies personality it set at about that age *B.J. your just funny.. lol!
  13. Jetsbudgies

    Help, We Are Hoping For A Girl

    Looks like a girl for me!
  14. Jetsbudgies

    Finally Picked Up My Budgie!

    Yes, what budgieowner said. I think cause he spends alot of time in his cage and not enough out of his cage. Try bringing him out of his cage more often so he gets really familiar with your room also maybe you are over feeding him with too much goodies inside his cage, try feeding the goodies that he likes only outside his cage.
  15. Jetsbudgies

    Finally Picked Up My Budgie!

    Gorgeous boy!