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  1. barny

    Budgies wanted

    a co-worker went back to tas to visit his father who is a bird fan in tassie. apparently there was an auction in the past week, ive been told Mr. Mysterious picked up 15 birds for abit over 2k. wow! also a pair of young opaline violets for just over $400 co-worker and father are working together to send a few my way
  2. barny

    First Journal

    as i refill shavings total of 7, enjoy folk
  3. barny

    First Breeding Journal

    nice work maddy
  4. barny

    First Journal

    7th egg is in the process of hatching right now. probably started cracking about 10 mins to go. pretty exited on my end
  5. barny

    First Journal

    thanks for the heads up blue. youre awesome! taking aboard your advice
  6. barny

    First Journal

    i now have 6 babies [= ill post pics whenever i can i got probs 10 of each? i have a cage ready for them when they are ready to fly.i was thinking about removing the boxes and maybe bring them back in in a few months.
  7. barny

    First Journal

    Now 5
  8. barny

    First Journal

    not sure how to pm pics to you generic, but these are my girls my apologies for the blur
  9. barny

    First Journal

    i actually went into the local this arvo, the nice feller gave me a good decent amount of egg n cookie mix for the pinkies (for free) its not like i begged for it, i would of happily paid whatever oh and hey! look what i found! must of only hatched within the past 1-2 hrs =D
  10. barny

    First Journal

    The 3rd hatch today, the second oldest hatched 2 days ago, and the first hatched a day before the second. I got a bad feeling 2-3 of the eggs shown are infertile, but that's life. I managed to keep 3-6 eggs from 2 different pairs because they got abandoned, hoping for atleast 1-2 babies from the other 2 pairs. The mother in the picture only gave 4-5 eggs, with all of them being fertile? I'm not too sure, but guaranteed 2-3. This is my only active pair atm. Hope all goes well.
  11. barny

    First Journal

    hello there little #3 must have popped out sometime early this morning [= hope you enjoy these baby pictures [= n these are the males im HOPING to pair up with females which im currently shopping for.
  12. barny

    Deciding Pairs

    good luck with your pairings nerwen [=
  13. barny

    First Journal

    5th egg laid on sunday, 6th egg laid today
  14. barny

    First Journal

    me too GenericB, hoping for anywhere from 5-8, its been nearly a week since she last laid her first egg. this week has been heaps exciting for me and i still cant get over it =p im hoping this hen here will produce me something nice down the track. shes one of my fav hens at the moment and here is a cock i purchased not too long ago to replace the other yellowface i had lost, one of my fav males