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  1. bush budgies

    Budgie Variety

    Thanks everyone, my guess was yellow face, Dilute
  2. bush budgies

    Budgie Variety

    Body colour solid Yellow suffision in tail and flights Young bird just out of the nest Possible hen
  3. I'm pretty sure i know what variety this bird is but was just wondering What other people think so i can confirm it. thanks for your help in advance.
  4. bush budgies

    Wild Type

    Yep the little guys are good
  5. bush budgies

    Radio In Breeding Room

    All birds did well in the heat, think the Cages are in a good spot, shade cloth over the top works wonders. All birds have eggs.
  6. bush budgies

    Radio In Breeding Room

    Been using the radio for just over a month now. The birds are noisier They are more settled especially during the night They seem to be laying about 30 percent more eggs per clutch. Also getting a better fertility rate. Don't know if this is just coincidence or if its the radio, they all seem to be a bit more active too, will continue to post updates when I have tested it for longer but at the moment I think it's worth using.
  7. bush budgies

    Breeding Season

    Hi That can depend on where you live, I general pair up in march and breed through to November , My location is near Sydney and close to the coastline. Hope this helps
  8. bush budgies

    Radio In Breeding Room

    Hi All I was just wondering if people use radios in the bird room? Why they use them? And do they work? Just seen them in bird rooms but never asked the question. Thanks for any info.
  9. bush budgies

    Wild Type

    Sounds good will give you call over Christmas break
  10. bush budgies

    Wild Type

    Don't breed them over Christmas too hot and need a break. Will pair up for autumn. How are your birds going?
  11. bush budgies

    Wild Type

    The breeder that I got the birds off obtain them from a research centre when they had finished with them. I don't know exactly how long but knew it was more than 20 years. I am happy with them. It really dosen't matter as long as you are happy with your budgies. I am really starting to enjoy these really small budgies. Most pet shops will not buy my birds because they are to small, I have only found one shop so far and they don't take many. Their will never be any guarantees as breeding records have not been keeped and yes you can not take them from the wild which is good. But you can always breed to get them back to their natural size and couloir the same as show breeders do to make them larger. And people that breed them for colour and varieties. that what makes them such a good bird. Happy breeding Some of both.
  12. bush budgies

    Wild Type

    Some nice looking budgies. Not many eggs hatching, not to sure why . haven't had this much trouble for a while was wondering if it was climatic. Is anyone else having any trouble.
  13. bush budgies

    Wild Type

    It's good to here their are a few people out there interested in wild type birds. Breeding season, having mixed results when I get some time will try and put some of my results down main problem hawk back. Look forward to hearing more from you wild type it sounds like you have lots of experience with these little guys.
  14. bush budgies

    Wild Type

    Blue comes from the same place all my greens came from. which were all green till his birds started to throw some mutation. All depends on what you define as a bush budgie. I like to see the development of mutation from these little guys. I now call them wild type because, i have had lots of long discussion on this topic and people don't change thier views easily. Hope no one takes this the wrong way just here to enjoy the birds.
  15. bush budgies

    Australian Bush Budgies

    hi I have wild type budgies 1) They eat all the same things 2) Yes the eggs hatch quicker and the babies are out of the nest a lot earlier. 3) As soon as i put the nest in the aviries they take a week to see the first egg. 4) found they get spooked a lot easier, main problem with them. anwsers from my experience,hope it helps.