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  1. Pandapaws23

    Exciting About New Colour

    It almost looks like a half sider
  2. Pandapaws23

    Colour Mutation ??

    Photos dont show
  3. Pandapaws23

    Opaline Something

    Unless the ino hen was paired to an ino cock or split ino cock you cannot get ino chicks from a hen.....she can only give males split for it.
  4. Pandapaws23

    Male Or Female

    Her cere is starting to turn from white to tan.
  5. Pandapaws23

    Clip Or Not To Clip Wings

    I find clipping them only makes them depend on you. Once the flights grow back they can get away. I don't clip mine as they are meant to fly.
  6. The parents don't have to be both spangles. The male can be split spangle, as I get df spangles out of this combination. Dominated Pied Cock + Spangle Hen = So I guess my cock bird is split spangle. Budgies can't be split spangled he either is or isn't. He either is a spangled dom pied or if in a colony its a different cock.
  7. Your pair looks identical to a pair Ive breed before I breed my rainbow cock to an ino hen and got the same colored chick who grew up to look like her father. My rainbow cock https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.236457536426774.56040.236446063094588&type=3 His daughter
  8. Pandapaws23

    Male Or Female

  9. Pandapaws23

    First Ino Chicks!

    I read the worst thing to do is pair two inos together as they produce weaker and smaller chicks.
  10. Looks like a normal blue hen
  11. Pandapaws23

    What Are My Baby Budgies

    None of them are spangles as neither parent is. Both parents are greywings
  12. What color is it? I'm pretty sure its a female to http://memberfiles.freewebs.com/53/61/46656153/photos/Boney/014-1.JPG
  13. Pandapaws23

    Splash And Banjo

    For Awhile at least.
  14. Pandapaws23

    Splash And Banjo

    to get chicks too look like him you need to get another bird of his variety which im not sure but looks like a grey wing or the chicks will only be split as you have with these chicks of his now can i ask what happened to all his chicks started with 5 ended up with two I foster them over since they weren't feeding them most of them died anyways so I'm done breeding its not worth it I have someone coming tomorrow to take half them.
  15. Pandapaws23

    Splash And Banjo

    Banjo's partner is a Aqua Yellow Face Type 1 Opaline Clear Flight Hen seen in these pics http://budgiebonkers.webs.com/apps/photos/album?albumid=12014516