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  1. Ratemymate

    Breeding Pair - Finches

    Id wait till they are a year old before introducing the nest. They will breed young but all the breeders i knew waited 1year for maturity
  2. Ratemymate

    Breeding Pair - Finches

    Queensland isabella? Nice looking mutation. Not sure on your other one tho
  3. Ratemymate

    Venting About Inlaws

    Move out and at a good inconvenient distance!
  4. Ratemymate

    Venting About Inlaws

    Sounds like a shocker!!!!!
  5. Ratemymate

    The Price Of Budgies

    Agree finnie 100%
  6. Ratemymate


    Do the aussie natives a favour and build or buy a mynah trap. That way you will be removing an introduced pest
  7. Ratemymate

    Breeding Violet

    Wouldnt be listening to that breeder when it comes to violets!! You need violet factor
  8. Congrats guys. Myself i had a terrible breeding season, lost a heap of chicks. 2 nests gave me birds, 1 was a pet/show breeding so not any good to keep and the other i got a few, kept 3 and lost the 2 best ones of that in the last heatwave. Suspected cocci. The remaing one is terrible, runt and just nothing of worth. Oh well there is next year!
  9. Ratemymate


    Coccidiosis is residual in the ground right? I got a pup with it once and had to bleach the entire backyard to kill it finally!
  10. Ratemymate

    Fordmob 001, 002 And 003/12

    Very nice birds!
  11. Kaz do the cheek patches show violet if they carry it and more blue if they dont?
  12. Kaz do the cheek patches show violet if they carry it and more blue if they dont?
  13. Ratemymate

    R&t's Breeding Journal

    Fan with a bucket of water in front of it helps a bit. I even put a towel in so the water slowly leeches out the bucket into the fans air it is blowing. I pulled all my pairs the day before the heatwave. Good timing i guess
  14. Ratemymate

    R&t's Breeding Journal

    Haha Renee my boy not 2 yet has twice lost my rings. First time in the shed and 2nd time the whole backyard and in the house! We have a big yard too. Found most tho, lucky my daughter has good eyes!
  15. Ratemymate

    Sad Day

    No good splat. He looked great. Would you consider taxidermy? He would be preserved 4 ever then!