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    My interests are God, Judo, Gracie Jui- jiitsu, 4wding and going to sporting events with my boys. And of course Budgies!
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  1. Mid Year Journal Of Mixie And Lady

    I would let her sit on them, just make sure you keep your eye on her without disterbing her too much. Good luck.
  2. Budgerigar Nationals 2012 Geelong

    Well done to all who had birds entered.
  3. Hi And Thank You!

    Welcome aboard Nadene, sweet pics.
  4. Finally Picked Up My Budgie!

    Lookin good chip, enjoy your new friend sweet pea.
  5. Pink Budgie Nest 2012

    Good luck Maddy with your breeding, it all sounds very promising.
  6. Breeding Timing

    Hi Kaitlyn, March is a good time to breed here in QLD and you can breed right up till it gets to cold. My favorite time of the year for breeding is September, but remember the birds must be in breeding condition or you will be wasting your time and the birds. Good luck and keep us posted with your results.
  7. Not New But Returning

    Nice to have you back Enjoy your new family member, he's very sweet.
  8. Hello From South Africa

    Welcome aboard June.
  9. Hi Everyone

    Welcome aboard Greg
  10. Congratulations Splat!

    Well done, really like the feather on your birds, very special.
  11. My 2011 Breeding Journal

    Wow luv those chicks Julie
  12. Mid 2011 Breeding Journal

    Congrats on some top chicks Dave
  13. Fordmob 001, 002 And 003/12

    There looking good mate. Might be 7 years but it looks like you have forgotten nothing about breeding in that time, well done
  14. GB I'm really liking your 012 rung chicks. You must be very pleased with that lot, I know I would be
  15. Mid 2011 Breeding Journal

    Hey Dave it sounds promising with all those eggs. Mate have you found any difference in the quality of the chicks that come from the smaller eggs compared to the larger ones. I just wonder if the size of the eggs makes any difference in how good the chicks will be. I have some small and large eggs at the moment, which I'v never had before. Cheers, Geoff