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  1. Most likely coccidiosis . the second bird probably infected the first one ,
  2. get rid of the tnb, looks like a hen , the blue is a boy .
  3. cage size

    strange question , wouldn't u hav a cage first , 2 foot by 2foot will do
  4. you will b waitn a long time , daz hasn't been here since 2014 , and I doubt he has birds still . I could be wrong , all the best
  5. Dark greens or olives
  6. Well it doesnt matter how many more times this forum is updated , the life is gone . What happened to this forum , it use to have great proactive members and now seems to have pushed them or deleted them all away . Splat had a great idea for online shows and Nothing ??? Looks like down hill from here -------------------------------------------------------
  7. Goodluck Pebble , There are some nice members in the Newcastle club . Wish you all the best , and remember to enjoy and have fun.
  8. You wont get far by breading the birds
  9. No problems , I raised budgies under peachfaces when I was 12 years old .
  10. Steel
  11. Welldone for sticking to your own vision for an aviary, It works nicely in your backyard.
  12. Was this the end of this topic , What a shame
  13. 4073 Views , Interesting . I should be on the payroll for this HOT topic !!
  14. Well Done