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  1. Matt Welchman

    2 budgies died within 5 hours

    Most likely coccidiosis . the second bird probably infected the first one ,
  2. Matt Welchman

    New budgie causing a problem.

    get rid of the tnb, looks like a hen , the blue is a boy .
  3. Matt Welchman

    Cage size for budgies' colony

    strange question , wouldn't u hav a cage first , 2 foot by 2foot will do
  4. Matt Welchman

    Having A Plan

    you will b waitn a long time , daz hasn't been here since 2014 , and I doubt he has birds still . I could be wrong , all the best
  5. Matt Welchman

    Enhancing Yellow In Lutinos

    Dark greens or olives
  6. Matt Welchman

    Budgerigar Breeders Club

    Well it doesnt matter how many more times this forum is updated , the life is gone . What happened to this forum , it use to have great proactive members and now seems to have pushed them or deleted them all away . Splat had a great idea for online shows and Nothing ??? Looks like down hill from here -------------------------------------------------------
  7. Matt Welchman

    A Quick Thankyou

    Goodluck Pebble , There are some nice members in the Newcastle club . Wish you all the best , and remember to enjoy and have fun.
  8. Matt Welchman


    You wont get far by breading the birds
  9. Matt Welchman

    Can Budgie Parents Foster Other Types Of Birds?

    No problems , I raised budgies under peachfaces when I was 12 years old .
  10. Matt Welchman

    Types Of Wood

  11. Matt Welchman

    My First Aviary

    Welldone for sticking to your own vision for an aviary, It works nicely in your backyard.
  12. Matt Welchman

    This Is The 1St Online Bbc Show For Exhibition Birds

    Was this the end of this topic , What a shame
  13. Matt Welchman

    Singles Thread

    4073 Views , Interesting . I should be on the payroll for this HOT topic !!
  14. Matt Welchman

    I'm Raising Money For Leukamia

    Well Done