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  1. Break It To Me Gently

    Oh, what lovely little things they are I dont think they could have been borne to a better carer!
  2. My Bird Fluff Is Gone . Rip.

    Rest in peace little Fluff :hug: xoxox
  3. Break It To Me Gently

    Poor little darlings, so good to hear you are going to give them a good home and a good life
  4. Oh my God, this is so horrible. I hope a lovely breeder somewhere close by hand raises her a sweet little budgie to help her cope with her loss. It wont be a replacement but it would help, poor woman. To go through something like that would just remove any sense of safety or security. EDIT: Just realised how old this news story is, I hope the old lady recovered and has another little friend.
  5. Sad News From Home....

    I am so sorry to hear that Maesie :thanks: At least she no longer feels pain, and is with her husband once again xoxox
  6. Omg I Cannot Believe It!

    Thats really disappointing form on the breeders behalf I'm sorry you missed out on this one, but hopefully you will get another soon.
  7. New Baby To Handraise

    Some good karma must be coming your way soon, you have done a lot of good for the birds in your care in the last couple of weeks in particular.
  8. New Baby To Handraise

    Poor little one I'm sorry to hear he didnt make it.
  9. Oh God.... No.

    *hugs* for you and Tara, what a sweet little girl. Have been thinking of the two of you all night, and was very quick this morning to come and check my little one It's amazing how quickly they steal our hearts.
  10. Django's Taming Journal

    I'm going to get a clicker from myparrotshop.com(.au?), I have 1 extremely stubborn rascal I hope to train with it... He makes your little man look like an angel!
  11. Oh God.... No.

    Oh no, I am so sorry Fly high little Twitter
  12. Kicks Stupid People

    I wish pet health insurance places would insure birds! Its only bloody dogs, cats or horses.
  13. Kicks Stupid People

    I saw one of those posts too... drives you nuts! I couldnt live with myself knowing that I didnt at least explore every option with my vet before 'just seeing how it goes' even if it means I have to eat homebrand dim sims every night for the rest of the month (and yes, I am currently eating homebrand dim sims every night for the rest of the month after expensive vet bills :yes:). I wish that people would realise that even though budgies dont cost much to buy, its your responsibility as an owner to ensure they are healthy and to give them every opportunity to BE healthy, and if you cant afford it - DONT BUY ONE!
  14. Pictures!

    The blue on that hen at the end is intense! Shes pretty :thankyou:
  15. Carmen Do We Have A Photo Yet?

    Hi, my name is Kalium! You can call me Kallie for short. I like to hang out on top of my cage. I had some millet, it was yummy Then I had some corn with seeds mixed in, its the most I've eaten since I came to live at my new house! YUM Then when I finished, I got snoozy. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  16. Carmen Do We Have A Photo Yet?

    Brilliant! Thanks for that, I'll use the corn to get him used to other veggies Great!
  17. Honey Sticks

    Excellent! Thanks Kaz!
  18. Carmen Do We Have A Photo Yet?

    Sootie, I love Kalium as a name too! I think thats what I'll call him, and call him Kallie as his nickname AV, you werent wrong! He is so funny, he jumped on Daniel's collar last night, walked all the way around the back and he was like, hmmph! No hair here! And promptly tried to fly across the room before he got caught. I'm getting good at catching budgies mid flight! I saw signs of disturbance in his seed bowl and a couple of husks, as well as a poop near his water bowl so hopefully he is thinking of eating food other than millet and having some water (gave him some probiotics in his water since I dont want the stress of the new home to upset his little tummy)! He was having a good old chirp when I came home at lunch to check on him, so I think he is starting to settle in.
  19. Honey Sticks

    Ditto on the honey sticks, Jim loves the Trill ones I get from the supermarket. He will sit there and eat and eat till theres nothing left, or I take it out because I'm worried he is going to suffer a ruptured crop. He cant get enough!
  20. Carmen Do We Have A Photo Yet?

    He has been out of the cage pretty much all evening, and has decided that his favourite place to hang out is on my shoulder I put him on the play gym and he had a good time chirping to my other budgie Jim who is in the next room, and jumping up onto the window ledge and just checking the place out. If I have him on my finger, he now flies to my chest/head and climbs in behind my hair. He is such a funny little fella, and I'm starting to feel like a pirate. Maybe I should call him Blackbeard. Spot the budgie! Arrr, I be a stealth budgie Arrrr! Me cover be blown! Such a snuggle bug!
  21. Carmen Do We Have A Photo Yet?

    Aww AV they are so cute :question:
  22. Ella The Eckkie

    Poor little thing, shes lucky you were home when it happened!
  23. Goodbye Chicken

    RIP little Chicken, lots of loves to Effie and to you featherybird
  24. Carmen Do We Have A Photo Yet?

    There will be plenty more where they come from! Am going to set up a play gym for him on top of his cage, hopefully we can snap him playing with some toys!
  25. Carmen Do We Have A Photo Yet?

    Boyfriend and housemate are proving no help, one wants to call him Hernando and the other wants to call him Captain Airstrike (because he pooped on him)