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  1. _peep_

    Is This A Little Boy?

    I reckon it's a little boy Adorable!
  2. _peep_

    What Sex Is Beanie?

    Yes, it looks like a he. Same name as my budgie, too haha
  3. _peep_

    Lil Budget

    Maybe a she? Sort of hard to tell...
  4. It's great that you told her Good job.
  5. _peep_

    Diy Toys And Play Gyms

    Wow, awesome toys, guys! I'll have to try making some of them for Beanie, he loves toys (more in a 'i-can-destroy-this' way, but never the less...) haha
  6. _peep_

    Toy Ideas.

    Try making your own toys, like a carboard toilet roll stuffed with treats, etc. I made one for my budgie today, and he loves rolling it everywhere before trying to peck at the treats.
  7. _peep_

    Destructive Budgie!

    I'm happy to update the progress on Beanies destructve behaviour. He is now doing very well, i've put all sorts of natural things in his cage, which he happily tries to climb on and then munch on for a while. :rip: He has stopped tipping out his water and food, which is a great start, as that was the main problem i wanted to solve :sadsorry:
  8. _peep_

    February 2009 Budgie Of The Month Winner

    Cute photo :sadsorry:! Congrats, very well taken! :anim_19:
  9. Congratulations! Such a cute photo :sadsorry:
  10. _peep_

    Destructive Budgie!

    Thanks, everyone, i'll make sure to try all that
  11. _peep_

    Performing Budgies

    Haha! Oh such a cute video! I love the cute little budgie harness ring for him to pull the car! So sweet!
  12. _peep_

    Goodbye Cookie

    So sorry for her losses
  13. _peep_

    Linked Rings okay?

    I also have one of the loop-ring toys for my budgie, and over 2 years - nothing has ever happened.
  14. _peep_

    Destructive Budgie!

    Hey everyone. I have a little 8-month-old budgie called Beanie. He was fine when we bought him from the pet shop, but a few weeks after we got him home - chaos hit! He is the most destructive budgie i have ever owned. He tips his water out, pulls off his feed bowl, tears up his millet, destroys his toys, eats through the perches, etc. What can i do? He isn't trained yet, either, so that probably doesn't help. I'm having to buy new perches, toys and bowls for him so often, and he just destroys everything! And he can't be bored - he has so many toys! Please help! _peep_
  15. _peep_

    Egg Feed?

    Thanks! I had no idea what it was haha!