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  1. nickr

    How Big Should The Hole Be?

    4.5cm budgie
  2. nickr


    4.5cm wide
  3. I have now only got three budgies.

  4. How big should a breeder box hole be for entry for the birds.
  5. nickr


    Do you nail it together or screw it.
  6. You should hand rear one liv i really think you should!!!
  7. nickr


    How thick is the ply you use Daz. I got the dimensions off you i thinks Daz and the slide idea off i think Kaz i think!!!
  8. I'm looking to breed some budgies to get YF because i just love'em and would like to see what mutations to breed with what to get YF offspring. thanks
  9. How about a cage 120cm x 100cm x 80cm be for breeding budgies. then if i want can put a divider in and have two pairs going.
  10. nickr


    Can someone please give me a list of woods i can make a breeder box out of i made this one out of craftwood and then got told that it was toxic to budgies. i hadnt made a slide for the back yet.
  11. nickr

    My Flock Heelloo

    Hey yer one of the budgies is like retarted or something it cant fly. i think its mum and dad were like inbred or something so i think dad is going to put it down for its sake. it gets picked on a lot by other birds. My cage is 2m 10cm Long by 2m 10cm High by 1m 20cm Wide so a bit of fly space.
  12. nickr

    My Flock Heelloo

    I have 4 budgies and am getting a 5th sometime