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    I am member of the Roleystone Fire Brigade and I enjoy playing golf and tennis. I also enjoy fishing and camping.
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  1. Glen

    Rip Angel

    thank you for your reply. As I only have one other bird I can not justify the expense of an Autopsy if I had a breeding flock then I would not hesitate. At the moment all is good with my other budgie so I will just see how we go. Cheers Glen
  2. Glen

    Rip Angel

    Well my bad luck with budgies is still running. While sitting at my computer last night, Angel collapsed in her cage after what I can only describe as a fit. I picked her up (she was still breathing but not moviing and had no responce) and rushed her to the Wattle Grove vet as they are the closet avian vets to me. Unfortunatley she died on the way there. THe vet nurse told me that is just happens for no reason. She did say that Angel looked very healthly so she had no idea what caused it. Due to my money suituation I could not afford for the vet to investigate and tell me what was the cause. Has anyone else been in this situation and is able to give me an idea of what caused this. Cheers, Glen RIP Angel
  3. Glen

    Current Project

    Thanks Daz and Kaz, I think I will be planning a drive out to midland soon! Cheers, Glen
  4. Glen

    Current Project

    Hi Daz, Where do you get your cage fronts and trays for your breeding cages? If possible would I be able to buy some off you sometime in the future. If so how much are they. The reason I am asking now is so I can put a budget together and save up the cash to build them. Cheers, Glen
  5. Glen

    My Gorgeous Flock

    You have very colourful budgies and I love the way you have named them and know all about them like family. Welcome the forum, hope to see more off your babies in the future. Glen
  6. Glen

    Funny Picture

    What an amazing little budgie. I would kill to have a little budgie friend like that.
  7. Daz you are the man, thank you very much!!! :bow: Cheers, Glen
  8. Hi Daz, What are the chances of getting you to post the plans for your breeding boxes and cages on the forum? I tried talking to my old man about how you built your he is the sort that needs plans to work from. Cheers, Glen
  9. Glen

    Worst Moment Ever

    Thank you all for your kind words and support. It is what I love about this forum/ community. I know I only had DiNozzo for a couple of days but he was really friendly and oh so cute with his yellowface. Libby did such a great job raising him for me. However could off's and should have's are in the past and I have learnt my lesson. I still have my Angel and Ziva to look after and once Ziva has finished her quarantine and is in with Angel, I will go looking for a couple of boys for them. (Hopefully Libby will let me have a look at her pieds that she has on the way). So onwards and upwards is what I will do! Thanks Again Glen.
  10. Glen

    Worst Moment Ever

    Last night while trying to bond with my new budgie Dinozzo, he flew out of the cage and landed directly in front of my little dog basil. Thinking that DiNozzo was a new toy, Basil grab him and took off with him. After chasing him around the garden a few times we finally managed to get Basil to drop him, but I knew the damage was done. I rushed inside and called the vet who told me that she was closing up I begged her to say open and after explaining what happened she agreed to wait for me. I rushed down there and the vet told me there was nothing she could do and I had to have him put down. I am very very sorry to Libby who hand raised DiNozzo. I feel so useless and stupid at the moment, having the cage door open while the dog is in the house is something that will never happen again. It was a lesson learned the very hard way. Glen
  11. Glen

    Ziva & Dinozzo

    I know NCIS is my favourite, I can wait till season five is released on dvd. Elly they are both in quarantine away from my other bird. It should work out well,as they will be out of quarantine by the time I get my next bird and yes he will be named McGee or Probie. Cheers, Glen
  12. Glen

    Ziva & Dinozzo

    I was very lucky, as my sister in law got me 2 new budgies for my birthday. After talking to Kaz she put me in touch with Libby and I went to her house to have a look at her new babies. I fell in love with a Lutino hen and later on I also got a YF Spangle Cock. http://i702.photobucket.com/albums/ww26/Glen79/P4050056.jpg With the help of my sis in law I have named them Ziva and DiNozzo. Unfortunately I think Ziva fell off her perch as her left wing hanging lower than her right. I called Libby and she thinks that she just hurt it and not broken it. I have picked her up and gently touched her wing and she does move or scream, she is still moving about the cage well enough so I will watch and see how see goes. I am also planning to get another babie from Libby as she has some pied's still in the nest so I will have 4 pet budgies in total 2 hens and 2 cocks. I can't wait till I can see the pied's that Libby has coming. Glen
  13. Glen

    All Systems Go!

    Hi Liv, Your new bird room looks fantastic, just a quick question - What are your plans for combating the heat in the summer months? I have 3x3 tin shed that I plan to use one day and I was thinking about building a second roof out of shade cloth about 20cm above the current roof. Love to hear your ideas on the problem.. Cheers, Glen
  14. Glen

    Nipple Drinkers For Budgerigars

    Love you set up Nubbly, another great idea to add into the book of what to do when building a new aviary. Well Done. Cheers, Glen
  15. Glen

    My Breeding Pairs

    Wow how exciting waiting for them to hatch, I would love to see picture's of the babies of the first pair. I think I am going to be a fan of the Dom/ Rec pieds, I just love the colours!