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  1. Melbournebudgies

    Or they were super-organised and didn't realise they would have them ready that early. Seems unusual that a university would be that organised... :bluebudgie:
  2. Melbournebudgies

    Congrats! :bluebudgie: I also got my results early Saturday morning (really early...just past 12am!) instead of Monday, and I passed everything which is great.
  3. Game: Go Fish

    Go Fish. Do you have three different species of pets or more?
  4. Budgies In The Aviary

    Aww...they are so cute! The picture of Laverne is adorable!
  5. Eucalyptus

    Wow, my budgies must be on to a winner - the gum leaves I give them smell strongly without snapping them! Actually, your hands smell after touching them too... lucky I love the smell of eucalyptus.
  6. Eucalyptus

    You might want to make sure that eucalyptus leaves for decoration aren't covered in something to make them last longer/look nicer that could be toxic to budgies! Also, there are some types of eucalyptus that grow outside of Australia, so you might be able to find one growing near you or get a whole tree - you might be able to buy something from a plant nursery.
  7. 3 Riddles/jokes

  8. Arkady Is Off To The Vet Tomorrow

    Aw, poor thing! I hope you (and the vet) work out what is wrong with him and hope he gets better soon!
  9. My Babies

    Aww...they are so cute!
  10. Here It Is......

    Wow, looks great!
  11. Can You Help Our Mum Please?

    Thats exactly what I first thought! I still think the bottom one is a girl.
  12. The Bratterz....my Inside Budgies

    They are great pictures! (and very cute budgies )
  13. Chinese Cabbage

    Chinese cabbage (also known as Wombok) is great, much better than traditional cabbage. Don't know if it is "good" for budgies but what Libby says sounds logical.
  14. Breeding Supervision

    Yeah, I agree 100%!
  15. Breeding Supervision

    I love the thought of a webcam - if it gives you peace of mind (even if you don't really need it) then go for it!