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  1. Is This Forum Really Still Active?

    I've tried to push for a Facebook page for the forum but to no avail. Unfortunately that seems to be where everyone goes nowadays. Personally I still prefer this forum but like you say, sometimes it takes a long time to get a response. After a while it was just Karen that was qualified to give advice and she can't be on 24/7 so I think it gradually dried up. Unfortunate really.
  2. Hi Kicks, I've got to say, I completely understand being nervous and not going to a club meeting, but, if you want good show stock, it's worth taking the leap and going. Most clubs will have their meetings around the same time each month. This time of year is fantastic to hang around because everyone is preparing their birds for the Nationals. It's awesome. Cheers and all the best.
  3. Who Are You?!

    Hi everyone, Well I'm not really new here, I've been around for quite sometime. Back in the day I used to come on here 3 or 4 times a day and there would be pages of new threads. But alas, I've been away and by the looks of it most people have moved away and others have come. So to help me catch up here's a few questions I'd like to know about you all: How long have you been a member of the forum for? 5 March 2008 so that makes it around 6 years and 11 months. Or is my math wrong? I was always terrible at maths. How long have you kept budgies for? Currently don't have any, had some a couple of years back then moved, changed jobs and moved again. We are moving again soon and hopefully when that happens I'll get some more... HOPEFULLY. What is your favourite mutation? Lacewing. A well marked Lacewing just looks great. That said, I think Normals are completely underrated as well. Blue or Green Series? Hmmm... I gotta say blue... unless it's an ino or similar, then its Green. How many birds do you keep at the moment? Zero, Zip, Zilch, Nada, Not A Thing. What do you prefer Pet or Show type? Show. What got you into budgies? My neighbour had an aviary when I was a Kid, it was amazing and since the first day I laid eyes on them I've always loved them. Well thats all about me that's worth knowing. Feel free to add questions if you can think of any. Cheers!
  4. Word Game

    G'day guys, Dont know if this has been done on here before, but it can be good fun. Just post the first word that pops into your head when you read the last word posted. Only rule is you can't post two in a row. When I've seen this done before it goes on for hundreds of pages so hopefully we can achieve something similar. I'll get it started: Budgie
  5. Jimmybanks 2015 Breeding

    G'Day all, So I figured this was a better place to put stuff up about my breeding pairs. And I'll do them all in the 1 thread rather than have a seperate thread for each pair. So at the moment I've only got 2 pairs up... Pair 1 Greygreen Cinnamon Opaline Hen Green Cinnamon Cock Pair 2 Green Hen (Unsure mutation) Greygreen Cinnamon Cock I'm pretty sure the breeder said that the Hen in Pair 2 was a Green TCB Spangle Opaline Hen but I can't remember. I don't have an albino to pair her up with to find out if she is TCB. I don't really know why I paired her up with a cinnamon grey green, I'm regretting that now but oh well they seem to be bonding and she's spending a bit of time in the nest box. No eggs though and they've been together around 10 days. Pair 1 have been together for the same amount of time and have 4 eggs (1st laid on the 12th of Feb). I don't really like this pair either. Now that I think about it I should've put the cock bird from pair 2 with the hen from pair 1 and then put a Greygreen Cock to the hen in pair 2. My reasoning for the current pairs is that I wanted to have an inexperienced cock bird with an experienced hen and visa versa. Hopefully it will work out okay. If not, next round I'll make the changes. Well that's about it for now, It's my 1st pairs ever so it will be a very interesting experience, and hopefully an enjoyable one LOL.
  6. Jimmybanks 2015 Breeding

    All clear, and there is a second round now with all clear eggs too Zzzz.
  7. Jimmybanks 2015 Breeding

    Sounds like a plan. Will try earlier, if nothing else I'll get some practice lol
  8. Jimmybanks 2015 Breeding

    Yeah, gonna start trying from about day 6 or so. Tomorrow is when the first egg is due to hatch! Exciting times!
  9. What Happened

    Not bad, 18000 members!
  10. Geelong Auction

    The Geelong Auction is less than a month away! The 1st Auction of the year. Usually has a number of good birds in it. I haven't seen the list this year but I'm sure they won't let us down. If your free on the 22nd of March, 2015 book it in.
  11. Geelong Auction

    YEah, once the money starts getting up there it's way out of my league. I can't justify buying a bird for that amount and not know if it will even breed.
  12. What Happened

    Yeah they are budgie related. I don't really wanna advertise them because I want more people to come here lol. There are heaps but I generally stick to the Aussie ones. Exhibition Budgerigars OZ, Australian Exhibition Budgerigars, KAZ is on some others that are for beginners more advice related ones. There's a mutations group... To many lol. They could all just come here. Half the time when someone posts on 1 they post on about 5 others the exact same thing.
  13. I'm Back

    Got any birds yet Derek?
  14. When you look at the "Recent Topics" and see 4 out of 5 have your name as the last person to comment - :(

  15. Jimmybanks 2015 Breeding

    So, up to about day 15 for the 1st egg. Checked them all and they look fertile, well, at least I think they are. LOL. I've looked at photo's on the net of eggs and they look good. Lets just hope she raises them all. That'll be awesome! I am getting so nervous! I'm only going into the nest box once about once a week, don't want to disturb the hen. That will need to change once the chicks are hatching. Not looking forward to putting on my 1st ring, scared I'm going to break it's little leg.
  16. Jimmybanks 2015 Breeding

    Things are moving along nicely here. The cock bird from pair 1 is healing up nicely and the hen is spending all her time in the nest box. She won't even get out if I try and check on the eggs. I would like to check for fertility but she's doing a good job and I know when the first one is due so we'll see. Pair 2, Is no more I took the hen out and now her cere is turning browner. Always the way, I might pair them up again in a few weeks, we'll see.
  17. Jimmybanks 2015 Breeding

    Yeah it looks like that's what it is. But I'm not sure where all the blood is from then... I can't find a cut on him anywhere.
  18. Jimmybanks 2015 Breeding

    Hmmm okay. Will do. I've got other hens who are out of condition but there Ceres are nearly white with a hint of blue. Hers is more a tan colour. I'll take her out and see if I've got another hen that's ready. Pair 1 the hen has attacked the cock bird and now he's got a hole in the side of his head... She's sitting on 4 eggs and I've got no one to foster them out too. He's not showing any signs of distress and it's not bleeding now but I'm worried. Would it be safe to take him out and switch him with another cock and hope she doesn't have a go at him?
  19. Jimmybanks 2015 Breeding

    This is Pair 2 today, her cere is a light brown colour. Would you say she's a bit under done yet or ready to breed?
  20. Jimmybanks 2015 Breeding

    So we are still at 4 eggs in Nestbox 1 and we're stuck on 0 in Nestbox 2. When should I first be able to see if they are fertile? I used my iPhone light to try and candle the lights but it's not the best. Will keep my fingers crossed...
  21. Jimmybanks 2015 Breeding

    K. Cheers.
  22. Jimmybanks 2015 Breeding

    Yeah, I've got way too many cinnamons. The male from pair 2 is my best cock but she isn't my best hen, I've got a grey pied that is better but she's not in tip top shape atm so I didn't want to put her down to breed. Hopefully pair 2 will start laying soon. How long would you keep them down without seeing a result?
  23. United Diploma Show

    So the United Diploma Show is coming up this Sunday at the North Lalor Secondary College. If you've never been to a Budgie show and live in Melbourne it would be a great chance to get to see some great birds and see how it all works. You'll see some good birds and meet some great people. Birds start showing up at 9 am and Judging starts at 10 am I believe. Get on it!!
  24. so I've currently got 2 pairs going at the moment. This is about my 1st pair, a greygreen cinnamon opaline hen and a green cinnamon cock bird. They got put together on about the 5th of Feb and laid their 1st egg on the 12/02 and are currently up to 4 eggs. Looking forward to seeing how they go. I actually wish I'd paired up the hen from this pair with the cock from pair 2 but oh well... Maybe after round 1. Hope you enjoy following the highs and lows of breeding. This is my first pair ever so it'll be a learning experience for me.
  25. Jimmybanks Pair 1 2015

    I've decided to join these two posts so if anyone is doing any admin feel free to delete this thread, otherwise here is the link to the combined threads.