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  1. okay, well, whilst bored and looking for new ways to feed young young chicks I decided i'd find an alternative to mothers crop milk for the chicks that need help along the way. This is what I came up with and has so far done it's job very very well :hap: Ingredients: (Makes roughly 1ml) 40 drops of water 1 drop of calcivet 6 sunflowers hulled 12 whole hulled oats *mortar and pestel* Steps: 1: - Get a mortar and pestel or some other kind of instrument for crushing and grinding. 2: - Get 12 whole hulled oats and 6 black sunflower seeds 3: - Hull the sunflower seeds 4: - Add all seeds into the bowl. 5: - Grind and smoosh :hap: 6: - Add 40 drops of water 7: - Continue to grind and smoosh! 8: - add 1 drop of calcivet 9: - Voila! home made crop milk! ADDED TO Faq under Recipes, pictures loaded to BBC photobucket
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    My Aviary....start To Finish

    What an excellent day! You're welcome!!! anytime! xx
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    English Budgie Size?

    Firstly, I personally do not believe anyone is jumping down anybodies throat. The forum is simply here to educate. In each country they try to lay claim to that which is not theirs and even to change that which it always has been. Although these are Australian birds we do not claim them to be "Australian budgies" etc. We don't go to an "Australian show" to show them or buy them as "Australian pets". Which is why it is non-sense to call them "American or English" as they don't take them to an "American show" ... The simple fact of the matter is that it is based on type. English and American are not types. They're names of places which they wish for it to be seen they come from. Just to differentiate between "show and pet. Keeping it as Show and Pet has been the way for many years. Although being native our country name does not come into the equation. They're what they're. Budgies. A name derived from aboriginal language to mean "good eating". This forum is only here to educate on the terminology which although is not YET worldwide should be, with no claim lying to any country but only to the "type" of budgie they're. If they go to shows or are bred for shows they're show types... if they're smaller kept in aviaries as pets they're pet types. It makes things a whole lot easier than country names and should be a universally used term. The only way to get the information out there to those who're unable to be told the proper terms is to hand on the knowledge. That is all that is being done I believe.
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    Finnie Has Had A Promotion

    Congratulations Welcome aboard!!!!
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    My New Breeding Season

    Gorgeous!!! <3 <3
  6. *libby*

    My New Breeding Season

    Aww so sorry to hear about Andre's chick Kaz keep it up though, I hope he gives you lots more!!!
  7. Well a friend of mine works at a local pet shop here in Perth (if you'd like to know the name of it PM me) She informed me they had some birds that really ought not be there, let alone up for sale. So I told her to give them an ultimatum or else i'd make a complaint. They handed the birds over to her willingly, then she in turn handed them over to me for treatment. I expected them to be bad, as she said they had scaley face, but not this bad! There's one hen (sky violet opaline spangle) and one cock (mauve violet opaline spangle). The cock is in very poor condition, he's light as a feather and his beak is soooo bad! The hen has a badly deformed beak, very badly affected feet and nails, but over all seems to be in a much better condition than the cock. Here are some pics of them, as the treatment goes on i'll show you their progress. Presuming they make it that far(fingers crossed) - cock left side - cock right side - cock feet - cock feet again - hen left side - hen right side - hen left foot - hen right foot - both feet - After their first treatment and feed. They got wormed, given sulphadim and a soft food mix. looking a bit better already, but still horribly sick
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    Cute Video

    Well as alot of you know i have bunnies who live with my birds in the aviary (well one currently as they have to be kept seperate) Some have worried and doubted about the chances of things going wrong as is very understandable, but i thought I'd just share these two cute videos of the relationships my birds have with one of my rabbits, Pancakes They may not treat him like a friend (more a taxi) but you can see there is no problems between either of them and they tolerate each other quite fine, plus it's really cute Video 1 - http://s236.photobucket.com/albums/ff16/1l...nt=P7240664.flv Video 2 - http://s236.photobucket.com/albums/ff16/1l...nt=P7240666.flv
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    Is This Normal For A 13 Week Old Chick?

    HAHA I'd just recommend more cages then You'll have to seperate them all out to what works for them
  10. *libby*

    Is This Normal For A 13 Week Old Chick?

    haha oh no no no Mr pancakes is a real rabbit at the bottom of the aviary haha If the hens are getting really distraught by it seperate the cock http://forums.budgiebreeders.asn.au/index....amp;hl=pancakes He seems annoyed about it in this, but now days he just sits there and lets them They do it on his head and all sorts, he doesn't care, i think he just likes the company haha!
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    Nape Feather Loss

    I'd say you're probably right over preening by the cock
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    Is This Normal For A 13 Week Old Chick?

    Haha you need to get him a "scape goat" or rather in my aviary for the randy birds I have a "scape bunny" They all wear their *****-ness off on him hahahaha My poor Mr pancakes, but he doesn't mind... My tame boys get a rope swing to get their "jive" on with Whatever works will work
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    Need To Bake Eucalyptus Branches?

    It sure is an open forum with each to express their opinion Don't take other peoples to heart Shauna... as, if they get over zealous with their response the moderating team will be on it quick smart Everyone's entitled to their own opinion and no one will be singled out for their own opinion It happens many time's on this forum, but try to take it with a skip in your step knowing that you're doing what you feel is the best for your birds even if someone else doesn't think so
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    Need To Bake Eucalyptus Branches?

    I'm very much so the same, rip them off the tree, give them a rinse, a once over for anything visible and then in they go... all the native birds around here eat from around my aviaries anyway so the way I see it aslong as I try to keep them up with their ivermectin and woming it's the best I can do... if they get sick from it (which touch wood, they haven't yet ) then I'll have to deal with it, but either way they'd get it from the birds around branches or no branches P.s. Shauna, great to see you on the forum Quails are doing GREAT and loving their new home!
  15. Wow i feel like a rip off artist haha! Any bird that leaves my home goes for $35 hand tame... all others are kept as either life time breeders/pets Other than that i do a yearly cull of breeding stock that go for between 10-15 - these are generally the pet birds i've bought in over the years... I don't think I've sold any of my adult birds that I myself bred as they all end up with a name and a life time home if i keep them once past taming point
  16. Congratulations He's beautiful!
  17. I'd say just a mauve opaline but rather cute
  18. *libby*

    Red Eyed Baby

    Dad only needs to be split to create albinos It's a guaranteed female
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    Is Goldie A Girl?

    DEFINATe she What a cutie!
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    Chicks Chicks Chicks Its Happening

    Gorgeous i see the opaline now
  21. *libby*

    Its Here My Very First Lacewing

    Oh no i'm sorry for your loss, but it is wonderful to see the other chicks doing well Remember to keep all the cocks from the /lacewing pairing ad they have a 50% chance of being split lacewing themselves :rofl:
  22. Ahhh i like that one Kaz Never heard it before
  23. An opaline cinnamon spangle at that
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    Another Pair Three Chicks

    Gorgeous, healthy, fat, hydrated looking bubs there GB Well done I hope you get a yf grey spangle! I always love the ones Kaz gets
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    Its Here My Very First Lacewing

    Great news Pipping, not peeking Pipping is it picking it's way out :rofl: Congrats on the new bub and hopefully another lacewing to come soon for you :rofl: