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  1. snowy

    Baby Bird

    i +need to get a new baby male. i have lust lost one due gout. where do i begin.
  2. snowy

    Wild Collected Cuttlebone?

    cuttlefish has been collected from beaches everyware. try the back beaches, the surf areas. happy collecting.
  3. snowy

    Vet In Melbourne

    go to google and type in avian vet. there is one in wantirna.
  4. looking for melbourne budgies

    1. GenericBlue


      as in the member or as in budgies in Melbourne ????

  5. my little boy luckie was born dec 1, 2008. he was so friendly that i could cuddle him, scratch his head, talk to and lots more. over the last week or so he has learnt to bite and leave a mark, screech, throw up his food, and he has to sit on my head where he talks & talks. he was getting his feet stuck in my hair so now i leave a t shirt on my head and he sits on that. he loves my finger when i point it and he fans his tail feathers. is he too young to have these special feelings.
  6. snowy

    Is He A Boy Or A Young Man

    thanks everyone for your ideas. today i covered about two inches of his swing with duct tape. he is a bit stunned. mum took away my fun. now what will i do? ]
  7. snowy

    Is He A Boy Or A Young Man

    help luckie is loving his spiral swing soo much. he is continually reguriating his food. Can i cover it over with tape or something yuk like vegemite.
  8. snowy

    Is He A Boy Or A Young Man

    a little on the top of his head. the stripes are going and yellow is being replaced.
  9. i went to the auction todat for a squigg. asked at the food end if any one knew angelic, no they didnt. i had a look at the birds but very much out of place so came home. snowy
  10. snowy

    Baby Behavoiur

    i have a baby boy who is 11 weeks. he is starting to be a real sticky nose. he likes grapes & the stem from what they were attached to. watching him rolling it around it made me think. did he think it was an egg?
  11. i give my little man his fruit/vegies when im preparing our dinner. it always goes in the same container and if im late he lets me know. he likes corn, carrot, silver beat. apple
  12. snowy

    Bush Fire Relief Fund

    ive just spent a few hours voluntering at a collection site for the bushfire relief fund. it was in a huge warehouse in rowville. the amount of preloved, new and rubbish items was huge. there seemed enough of so much that it was overwellming. there were so many people there, sorting moving & accepting goods. i will go back again.
  13. snowy

    The Bushfire Victims...

    i will support the cause by shopping at Coles on friday. all profits will be going to the fire APPEAL.
  14. snowy

    The Bushfire Victims...

    ive been able to listen to 3aw (radio) but only on the way to work & then home. i heard one person mention that they had been given lots of cans but no can openers, another that they needed paper and pens to write info on. that was yesterday. i didnt hear the outcome.
  15. snowy

    Victorian Bushfire Tragedy

    marysville is now closed to all. it is now a crime scene. they think it was delibertly lit. the place we usually stay at in marysville were asked to leave saturday arvo. it was a resort with about 100 people checking in weekly.
  16. snowy

    Padfoot/nove Flock Pictures

    i didnt think you were male.
  17. snowy

    Victorian Bushfire Tragedy

    we spend a week every year at a resort in marysville. im sure we wont be going for a few years now. where would you begin. what would you build first.
  18. cant you see im in my birthday suit. cant get privacy anywhere.
  19. snowy

    Finally Some Answers-

    erin there is a wonderful surgeon in clayton who ie a ent. doug buchanan highly recommend. leanne
  20. snowy


    a uni course & a baby. you will be very busy. congrats
  21. snowy

    This Is It Help Needed

    hi i amy sad for you. i have shed a few tears,also.
  22. snowy

    I Love The View From My Lounge Room

    hi like the chain and toys. lovely
  23. snowy

    Game: Go Fish

    yes are you over 50
  24. snowy

    Who Can Think Of The Best Name

    hi cutie pie
  25. snowy

    Cute Budgie Documentary

    my 6 week old boy, lucky, enjoyed the video. snowy