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  1. budgie_addict

    Can You Believe This?

    Well done!!!! Your halo will be shining brightly! :angel1:
  2. budgie_addict

    What Should I Do?

    Thanks for the advice everyone, you have given me lots to think about. I do have a friend who breeds budgies on a much larger scale than me, I will give him a call for a foster Mum. I only breed for me and family and close friends, which is why I have one hen breeding, one clutch only. Which raises another question, which way do you have more success, fostering eggs or the chicks?
  3. budgie_addict

    What Should I Do?

    I decided to let my hen have one clutch, this year. I gave her a nesting box, and she promptly started laying. Problem is, she is currently sitting on 10 eggs! I am sure she would not be able to raise all ten chicks successfully, but what to do???? Middle of last week I removed 3 eggs, leaving 7, she has now laid 3 more and we are back to ten! I am fairly sure most are fertile. The first layed should hatch within a day. What would you do? I have no other hens laying, so fostering is not an option.
  4. budgie_addict

    Moth Problem....any Advice?

    Thanks for all the suggestions I shall hit my local hardware and try the moth trap thingys if I can get them. Probably a dumb question but I will ask anyway....Those bug zappers, aren't a danger for the birds are they? What if a budgie landed on it or chewed on it?
  5. budgie_addict

    Moth Problem....any Advice?

    Hi All! I am having a problem with a moth plague in my avairy. They are a small moth, about 2 cm across their wing span and there is a hundred of them! They don't seem to be causing any problems for my budgies but I have never had this problem before, so don't really know if they could be a problem. My avairy is clean, and the only thing I have tried is to squirt them with the hose! They do make the day to day maintenance of the avairy unpleasant. Has anyone had this problem? Any suggestions on what I can do? Help!!
  6. budgie_addict

    Winner Of Caption Competion!

    Congratulations Pie!! Great caption!
  7. budgie_addict

    There Are Cats Surrounding My Aviary.

    My only answer is to get a little dog. My two chase the cats and even the wild birds that come to window shop away!
  8. budgie_addict

    October 2007's Budgie Of The Month

    A very cute picture of two beautiful birds! Congrats Splat!!
  9. budgie_addict

    Bad News

    I am sorry for the loss of your friend. (((((Loren)))))
  10. budgie_addict

    Budgie Bound Up Tight I Think

    "Thanks guys for the responses. This little tyke has been like this for a couple weeks now, so obviously he needs to see vet. I hadn't noticed till tonight though the huge buildup of dung on his undercarriage." Oh dear!
  11. budgie_addict

    Our New 6 Week Old Budgie & Feeding

    Marty sure is a gorgeous fellow! Have you tried him with any veges?
  12. budgie_addict

    Budgie Bound Up Tight I Think

    He needs to see an avian vet......fast! Hop on the phone and make an appointment now! In the meantime keep him warm and quiet. Good Luck!
  13. budgie_addict

    Points To Consider...............

    Excellent info there! Great job Kaz!
  14. budgie_addict

    Yellow Lacewings

    What beautiful birds! I don't have any yellows in my avairy. I might need to correct that!
  15. budgie_addict

    Winner Of The Caption Competition....

    Here's a second one (if that is allowed???) (Laughing out loud)! "Geez! I wish that Mum wouldn't make me chaperone little sis' on her dates, it's so damn embarrasing being the third wheel!"