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    l love to draw wildlife, looking after my animals, working with polymer clay, read, using my laptop, bead work, cross-stitching, jewellery making, gardening, helping out at my aunt's greenhouse, sewing, baking, cooking....etc
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    manitoba, canada
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  1. birdluv

    Male Or Female

    Looks female to me.
  2. birdluv

    Hello! - Meet Me And My New Friend! (Advice Please)

    Hi, welcome, What a lovely budgie you have. I think you have a male.
  3. birdluv

    Hello Long Time Budgie Lover

    Hi, welcome to the forum ?
  4. birdluv

    Are My Budgies Male Or Female?

    very pretty budgies, i'm not sure of the mutation. looks female to me but i'm not 100% sure.
  5. birdluv

    Hello :)

    Hi welcome to the forum.
  6. birdluv

    Hello All :)

    Hello welcome to the forum
  7. birdluv

    Hello From Monterey, Ca!

    Hello. Welcome to the forum. You have a good looking bunch. It's good that you are keeping the injured budgie away from your other budgies in a separate cage. I would suggest taking your newest budgie to an avian vet to get checked.
  8. birdluv

    Hello :)

    Nice looking budgie. Welcome to the forum.
  9. birdluv

    New To The Forum!

    Beautiful budgies and welcome to the forum!
  10. birdluv


    Hi welcome to the forum! I couldn't see the picture on my iphone?
  11. birdluv

    Newbie :)

    Gorgeous birds. Welcome to the forum
  12. birdluv


    Hello, welcome to the forum!
  13. birdluv

    Hello All!

    Hello, welcome!
  14. birdluv

    First Budgie!

    Hi welcome.