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  2. devinthomus

    Ant Hotel!

    Hello, Marcowilson, Thanks for sharing sugar ant details it's very nice. I have created a problem actually I purchase new hotel but the problem is termite this problem I don't solve, in that case, I search online termite kill products but he is not effective so, please suggest to me any company name & services that solves my problem. Thanks again! Ant Pest Control Sydney
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  4. Staglioni

    First Moult

    How old does a bird have to be for its first moult. Thanks
  5. Aaalynn

    Sores On Foot

    Our Budgie has been diagnosed with bumblefoot. Has anyone had experience with this and can advise on what to do?
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  7. Lesley Carr

    My Budgie Thinks He Is A Statue

    I have kept Budgie all my life as pets and have had no problems with any of them, they have all become part of the family. After the death of my last budgie who died one week before his 14th birthday I purchased a new budgie who was finger trained at time of purchase. The problem is my budgie is terrified of absolute everything. We have had him for a year and we are no further forward now than the day we got him with his training. He only want to stay on his cage and will come on your finger but will not stay on it if you go away from his cage. He does not play with anything and sits still most of the day. He is eating and drinking okay and preens himself okay but does nothing else. In the morning, he is his most active. We open the cage and he comes out and sits on the top of his cage that is it. He has never tried to take a bath either. Any ideas?
  8. Blinnie

    New To Budgie Breeding

    Hi guys I am new to budgie breeding I have 10 budgies 5 female and 5 males I have 5 eggs and I baby will put pictures up soon I hope I am doing it right this is my budgie cage
  9. Myperfect82

    What Type Is My Budgie?

    Hello im new to budgie breeding and i have a problem (surprise surprise) first baby EVER and it doesn't look like anything iv ever seen....... but it is very pretty its Yellow, with cinnamon markings and RED eyes......... is SHE rare? or sell-able? or worth breeding from?.. im guessing its a she cos she tried to keep my finger when she bite me! what is she and what would i breed her with? and ALL her siblings are a dark yuck green colour i feel kinda stupid cos my FIRST baby and im on a forum! thx in advance for the Help from any members Myperfect82
  10. I have 7wk old chicks that keep going back in nest box , they can feed themselves, problem is my hen has started laying again , they have already broke one egg ,what’s best thing to do
  11. BruceWillian

    Keeping Other Birds Away From Your Aviary

    One method I found was that you can chase them by training your dog to get rid of large birds. Or you can use a spray repellent, but don't know if it is harmful to birds and there should be no scientific evidence to prove that they are effective. I would recommend building a physical barrier bird net or barbed wire, etc., which may work. These methods are all found online, and I don't know if we can build a bird house and provide food, then they will not bother us.
  12. BruceWillian

    Homemade Budgie Toys

    You can use wood coloring to color wood bird toys. It usually has four color boxes: red, blue, yellow and green. Mix food coloring to create other colors such as orange and purple. Pour enough water into the bowl to cover the wood. Mix the water droplets with water until the desired color appears. The chips were placed in a color mixture and allowed to stand for 24 hours. Remove the wood from the bowl and let it dry.
  13. Skye Lily

    Miss Me, But Let Me Go.

    My eyes are moist 😭
  14. Skye Lily

    Breeding Budgies

    Budgies live in extremely large flocks, all will be well.
  15. Skye Lily

    Deformed Budgies

    They're feather duster budgies. Don't breed the parents again, they will sadly die young. Their feathers will be very long and curly.
  16. Skye Lily

    Budgie Health

    Just take a vacation day. He should hopefully be fine meanwhile, but be careful. You could do an online vet?
  17. Skye Lily

    Cracked Budgie Egg

    SHOULD be fine... depends on how old the budgie was
  18. Skye Lily

    I’m Lost On How To Use This Website. New Budgie Owner

    Just browse and havefun! <script>drawName('I love budgies!');</script>
  19. Skye Lily

    Peculiar Habit

    Lol sorry bad text, i mean Flight can be one of the main problems for boredom habits, including disease,
  20. Skye Lily

    Peculiar Habit

    <b>Lack of flight can be a problem.</b>
  21. Skye Lily

    Purchasing Budgies

    probably a handtaming breeder, i recomend puppiesareprozac
  22. Skye Lily

    What's With Him..?

    i know this might seem counter-productive, but hes probably singing (if you've ever heard me sing you know that screeching classifies as music too) which is often from lonliness. try a friend!
  23. kiwinskippy

    Please Help Me... What Is The Sex Of My Budgies?

    Thank you Skye, Marvin and Olivier. I own a few budgies and have been able to sex all of them until I purchased these two. I was told they are a pair and I had hoped that by now their cere would have changed colour so I know which is which. Unfortunately they have been pink for the last 8 months. A few have said about white rings around the nostrils but they change or to me they seem to change each time I look at them. Do you know which one is male or do I have both males? Thank you in advance. 😊
  24. Skye Lily

    What kind of budgies are these please?

    OMG You have a frickin rainbow!!!!!!!!! those are soooooo rare! also lutino, violet. Those are all rare, but i CANNOT get over the RAINBOW BUDGIE ON THE TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!
  25. what handsom young males you have
  26. i agree, but if he's only now turning pink probably just finished first molt
  27. Skye Lily


    Im wishing to buy a budgie, but my parents wont let me. Im responsible, and christmas is coming up. any advice?
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