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  2. Some people do pop by from time to time, tho the forum isn't as active as it once was. I check this forum on an almost weekly basis, but am unable to give advice about birds due to never having owned any. I'm mainly here as a forum maintainer and support. The Netsta, does check in here from time to time as well.
  3. Most likely coccidiosis . the second bird probably infected the first one ,
  4. Hi all, I got my first budgie Sydney in December 2016 (aged around 2 months) from a pet shop and bought a second budgie Rocket (aged around 6 weeks) in march 2017 from a home breeder. I changed their water and food every few days. Ever since I got the 2nd budgie, Sydney has been puffing up and I just gathered he was doing it as a dominance thing? They live in a spare room at my house in a reasonable sized cage. The last week or so they have been shifted around a bit as I had guests and dogs, so they've been out in the kitchen and bathroom as well. My sister walked in the spare room yesterday to find Rocket (new budgie) dead in the bottom of the cage, she buried him while I was at work, when I got home 3 hours later I walked in to find my other budgie Sydney dead as well. Could anyone give me and idea of why they both died within 5-6 hours of each other? Please no hate, I've never owned birds before and I thought I was doing a good job, I'm absolutely devastated ☹️
  5. You're welcome! So glad you were able to get the little guy back to his owner Also thankyou very much for picking him up. It makes me sad that most people see an animal needing help but just ignore it so thankyou for not doing that. I'm sure the little bird and his owner are very grateful. Larissa
  6. get rid of the tnb, looks like a hen , the blue is a boy .
  7. cage size

    strange question , wouldn't u hav a cage first , 2 foot by 2foot will do
  8. you will b waitn a long time , daz hasn't been here since 2014 , and I doubt he has birds still . I could be wrong , all the best
  9. I did just that and great news! I found his owner! Pretty thrilled with that result. He escaped on Sunday morning so most likely hadn't eaten until I found him on Tuesday. So now our budgie is missing his twin friend and only has us to play with. Thank you for your help! Rachel
  10. Hi Rach, I would suggest maybe finding out if there are any Budgerigar Clubs nearby and seeing if they have his ID in their system connected to a member of their club or maybe a vet or animal shelter would be able to help with locating his owner. Sounds like you're doing a pretty good job caring for him while you find his owner though Let me know how it goes! Best of luck.
  11. I'm very new to birds. Inhave never owned one in my life ever until about two weeks ago when i got my first bird. He(im assuming) has been super chill from start with hands being near, around, or in the cage. Nothings ever seemed to really startle him easily either. He even just learnes to perch on my finger! Recently, about five days ago we decided to get a new bird, a bad idea in my opinion for multiple reasons at the time. The new bird is a little more active than Gunter, my first bird, and i often see Gunter copying everything TNB, the new bird, does. Like playing with toys he never seemed interested in. But the bad thing about TNB is that he somehow made Gunter completely afraid of us just like TNB is. Gunter and TNB fly all around the cage whenever around hands come near them. It's making me very upset because i've just started bonding really well with Gunter, and TNB is making it really hard to keep doing that. Can someone please tell me why this is happening? :-( I'd also like to add that we put Gunter in a new cage before getting another bird AND we left them both alone together for about four days without much human contact at all. I know that all sounds so horrible and i did not want to do any of that stuff at all at the time we did it. (TNB is yellow and Gunter is Blue)
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  13. Hi Darryl I see that you have just built a new Avery/bird room I would very interested in if you could share who built your shed and any tips on what you did to set it up I would like to built one very simular to your . I like on the Gold Coast so not to far from were you are in Brisbane Cheers Howie I look forward to your reply
  14. Hi All, This afternoon, I have picked up a male, green and gold budgie from the footpath on my way to get the kids from school. Lucky I didn't ride over him. He appeared exhausted and close to death with my untrained eye. Took him home on my bike (no easy task!), put him in a spare cage I have, gave him food (was a very hungry budgie!) and water and now he looks a lot better and has perked up. He has a leg band so I'm hoping I can track down the breeder to return him: Leg band : 11384 ANBC BCV16 If you know who this gorgeous little guy belongs to, please let me know! Thank you.
  15. I got my first budgie last summer and immediately fell in love. After just a few attempts he began to get close to me and I felt such joy! But just a few weeks ago he suddenly passed. My world was devastated! I thought I would never want to get another because it hurt my heart so much. But after thinking a while I decided to get another one. I thought the breeder sold me a hand fed bird but I dont think she did. This little bird is so scared and I used the same techniques with the first one.. I read all the forums and hashtaged budgies.. Sometimes he will east some millet from my fingers then other times he scurries away..right now he is sitting watching me type. KInda puffed up and breathing normally. Othertimes he sits up real straight and pants.. Any tips or pointers will be greatly appreciated. Ive had him just over 2 weeks
  16. Hi All I am about to buy 4 pairs of budgies. Please suggest me the minimum cage size (dimensions) for them?
  17. This is the whole clutch from sapphire and smokie
  18. Did my sapphire have any violet in him? The baby spangle is one of his offspring I see some pretty lavender in the baby the gray English budgie is the mom
  19. Oh how I love this color budgie
  20. click next to move to the next pictures enjoy
  21. Here is the diary of sapphire and smokie babies from day 1 hit next to go to the next page enjoy
  22. Too bad I liked coming here but now it's so quite
  23. Added some new photos from today enjoy
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