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  2. Exciting About New Colour

    Wow yesterday i was thinking iv never seen a blue and green budgie thats amazing ! Hopefully i can get one out of my blue and green pair oneday[emoji108] Sent from my SM-A520F using Tapatalk
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  4. Deformed Budgies

    Hi all im new here. Iv just got into breeding budgies again for a hobbie and just had my first few babys come out of the nest. All has gone well except for 2 little fellas. They are older then some of the babys still in the nest yet they are fully feathered. They are still quite small. I had issues with them jumping out the box and realised that they were at the age where really they should be out abd flying. The thing that struck me is that they feed them selfs on the ground no worries and they are happy. They cant fly but roost on a little branch i got in the cage. Im more wondering what to do with them if they are deformed. I planned on waiting and seeing how they go. Thanks kane
  5. Another Newie

    Hi to all,my name is peter,im 59 years young,retiered,(not by choice) and a keen hobbiest, to keep me sane,great site and brilliant information,thanks peter.
  6. Hi,can anyone tell what i have please. I do appoligies if ive done this wrong,first time.
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  8. he passed away this morning
  9. my daughters budgie was fine this morning and now all of a sudden he is making a small chirp noise, constantly chewing, walking only in circles, dragging his right leg and twitching his head. ive taken him out of his cage and put him in a transport cage thats small and warm. He seems happy but im scared hes going to die and my daughter will be devastated!
  10. Lutino Budgie Sex

    Hiya i have 2 budgies one albino one lutino. The albino is a female as she is laying eggs but I need help sexing my lutino budgie. They are both 3 years old and I have pictures if needed Thanks in advance Smorgan
  11. My winter project this year was to build an indoor aviary for our growing budgie family. The pet shop cages stacked on top of each other in true redneck fashion just wasn't doing it. We used Redwood with a red Oak stain sealed with polyurethane for the frame, Tenax 1'X3/4" (2.5cm X 1.8cm) vinyl garden netting for the mesh, coconuts for feeders and Raffia Tiki Huts to protect their internal water dishes from downfall. It's designed with modular internal panels so it can be configured anywhere from 1 up to 8 separate compartments. It is currently set up for four breeding pairs. I had a hard time deciding on the mesh, worried about the larger than usually recommended spacing and vinyl durability, but I have been super pleased with it. It's big enough that neighbors can feed each other and interact freely, yet there's no unauthorized hanky-pankys goings on. They have plucked and chewed it with no breakage or wear. The best part is it so much finer than wire that you can really enjoy watching your little friends unobstructed. There have been no tangles or strangles at all, completely safe for them. okay, full disclosure, Azure our blue hen did get her split leg band hooked on it once but released with only a few "fowl" frantic parakeet words. I also had some concerns about the four large, full frontal, front doors with 180 degree swing, but we have found even with the doors wide open they are content to stay inside and readily return on their own when they do go on a little walkabout. The perches are two different diameters, free hanging and all laddered together with 550 paracord for that "swinging in the breeze" effect every time someone perches or lands. It is lighted with 8 feet (2.44m) of LED fluorescent lighting in three banks, set on a timer, dimming to 200 white LED "Christmas" lights for that starry night effect, before turning off for the night. A bottom shelf carries all the food and supplies for their care. Kinda' fun and the birds sure seem to enjoy the space to fly a little. We currently have 12 hatchlings and 6 eggs to go! >It's like living in the Outback, sleeping to baby 'keets cricketing all night then waking every morning to symphonies of cheerful rambunctious singing!<
  12. Photos And Videos

    Cheers! First day here. Quick question - why do so many pictures come up like this? I would love to see them. Many thanks!
  13. Need Help

    I have room in my house for budgies as indoor aviary 60% of day light go throw the room 40% blind spot I'm searching for safe and useful plants and tress for my budgies
  14. Exciting About New Colour

  15. Can babies live with mommy and daddy forever?
  16. What Type Are My Budgies? Are They Both Boys?

    Picture please.
  17. As you suggested the top on IS a hen coming into breeding condition. And the others are males.
  18. Yellow Red Eye Albino Budgie What Sex

    Up load a picture please.
  19. what sex is my red eyed yellow budgie
  20. Hello all, just after a little help in regards of my Hen is trying to remove the rings we have put on the baby chicks. They are 3 weeks old I’m concerned that she will hurt them by trying to remove them. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Many thanks pete
  21. New Budgier

    Hello all I am Ahmed from Egypt I have little information about budgi so I need books about basic, colors and genetics Healthcare what is your diet
  22. Having Trouble Sexing A Budgie

    Looks like a young male to me.
  23. What Genders Are My Budgies?

    So I have been looking around and I am thinking that I have a male and a female. But I would like to know if anyone has any opinions. The picture of the so called male is on the top and the so called female is on the bottom.
  24. Feather Loss Around Eye

    Hi guys, im new here so not totally sure how this site works, but Ive been having a problem with my budgie "Prinny". The little guy has a weeping eye and feather loss around ever since I saved him, but he's gradually lost feathers on his wing (where you can see) and more on his eye. He looks and behaves normal and loud ? droppings dont look lime green or too watery... Wondering if anyone can diagnose the problem and give me tips to help him. Please
  25. Eggs

    Hi, I am thinking that my budgie is bearing eggs. Can you maybe give me some tips because I am very new to this. Thanks in advance
  26. Help!

    Thanks, will post a video soon!
  27. Help!

    Just from your description, it sounds like your correct. My advice would be to make a short video and post it on one of the Face Book Budgie help sites, Like Budgie help and advice. Its impossible to tell without seeing If you know what I mean.
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