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  2. Just wondering if any of the members/breeders from years back still look in here or has everyone migrated to Facebook.
  3. Justbev


    I joined the forum to warn people that ending the life of your own bird is traumatic. I had to do it last weekend so looked in the forum to find out the most humane way. I have read about many ways and they all sounded horrendous until I found a method recommended on this forum. Although it made me feel sick, I did it only to wish that I hadn't as I have been traumatised ever since. It was painless and reasonably quick as described but there must be something better as I still felt her little body react. I have been breeding on a very small scale for about six years and this is the first time that I have had to take this measure.
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  5. Jennifer

    Paint Fume Safety Question

    Hello. My son wants to get a budgie soon. We just patched a couple of holes in his wall with Spackle and painted over the patches with a latex interior satin paint (we are not going to paint the whole room). There is a lot of info on the net about the dangers of fumes regarding painting entire walls/rooms but nothing specific to patching. The paint is dry (painted 24 hours ago) and we can't smell any paint fumes. However, if we put our noses to the areas where we painted, there is a faint odor of paint. When would it be safe to get the budgie?
  6. I got this baby budgie recently and he/she is very friendly and quiet. I am not sure on the gender especially based on behavior but he/she does not bite. The cere appears to be pink yesterday. Today it looks more blueish purple in the centre near the nares and pink around the edges. I'm really not sure at all. Please see attached images. I'd love to hear from an expert or breeder.
  7. SaltyBird

    Budgies In A Mixed Aviary

    Hello, I was wanting to have another opinion on a matter I have been extensively researching. I will have an aviary in my backyard soon, it'll be very large, at least 26ft (8m) maybe even 32ft (10m) that's if my persuasive skills are good enough. Anyways, I wish to house 5 different species of birds together in that aviary, which include budgies, grass parrots (red Rumped), King quail, Cockatiel and Princess Parrots. Of course I will keep a limited amount of each species as not to cause distress and a lot of places to hide. Food will be plentiful and entertainment as well. But my general question here is will all my birds live happily and peacefully co-existing with one another? Of course, I'm not naive to think there wont be fights now and then, but as I mentioned there will be safe places for all (I'm looking at you budgies <^<) to hide in. As I've also stated I've done a lot of research and found it varied depending on circumstances, but I want more opinion on this from people who've had the experience keeping budgies with other species.(or people who have had budgies in large aviaries)
  8. emma sophie


    my budgie has lost his beak im not sure how he has lost it im wondering if he'll eat for himself
  9. pinja

    Is My Female Budgie Upset?

    Okay thank you, she just sounds always angry compared to my male budgie but I guess that's common.
  10. Budgiebirdperson

    Is My Female Budgie Upset?

    She might just be singing to herself? It depends on what sound she is making (as different tweets or chirps mean different things). Budgies like to sing or tweet to themselves to comfort themselves and each other, to say there is no danger. I think the chirping is fine, budgies are naturally loud and like to chirp to each other.
  11. cass_MART

    When Should I Let My Budgies Out?

    I was wondering if its okay two let my 2 budgies that are 1 month old and ive had them for 2 days now. My next door neighbor gave them to me for FREE!! I have been playing with them for 1-2 weeks over at her place and they can step up.
  12. I have two, one month budgies and Ive had them for two days now. My next door neighbor gave them too me so I have been hanging out with them for atleast 1-2 weeks. I was wondering if It would be okay for me to let them out in my room?
  13. Marvin and Oliver

    Taming 2 Budgies At Once?

    Hey! Yesterday I got two budgies, Marvin and Oliver - I like to call them Marv and Ollie. I heard it's quite hard to tame two budgies at once but I'm determined to do it. Anyone who's managed to tame two budgie at once, do you any advice/tips? How soon should I try letting them out of the cage+ how to hand train them? Thanks for any help x ☺️
  14. Marvin and Oliver

    Is Sunshine A Girl Or A Boy?

    Girl, since her beak is grey 😀 such a cute name!
  15. Marvin and Oliver

    Please Help Me... What Is The Sex Of My Budgies?

    You can tell the gender of your budgie by looking at the colour of the top of its beak. If its blue/purple its male but if its grey then its female x
  16. I'm a new budgie owner too so I might not be completely right about this, but I have one budgie who chews the sandpaper around one perch. He chews all the other perches too and the food cups. So your budgie chewing the sandpaper might not be about wanting sand, it could be chewing for fun. I also have grit in the cage, the birds aren't really interested in it though so I haven't taken it away after discovering that it might be harmful, if they're eating it at all they're not eating large enough amount to be useful. I've read that budgies can try to replace their nutrition with grit if they're not getting enough food, could it be that? If he's eating a lot of the grit I would take the grit away and only give small amounts (it may or may not be useful but in small amounts it shouldn't be harmful, either).
  17. I've had two budgies for a bit over a week now. The female one sometimes tweets a lot. She started tweeting yesterday and today in the morning after I removed the cage cover, might have done that before too but I can't recall. The tweets are pretty consistent (sound the same) and there are a couple seconds between them. She has been tweeting for about half an hour now. A couple times the male answered with a similar but quieter sound. Do these sounds signal that she's upset about something or what do they mean? What could she be upset about?
  18. Marissa

    Question About Leg Rings

    Hi, this is my first post ever. I would like to know if a budgie leg ring with numbers on it still accurate with colour/year age. Awkward question, but I read somewhere that if it's a split ring with numbers, then the colour of ring is not age related. Thanks.
  19. Marcowilson

    Ant Hotel!

    Hello all member, Sugar Ant Hotel The ants go walking one by one into this custom made sugar subterranean insect in. We make three to six of them each insect season—a family custom—and place a couple in the kitchen, and wherever else ants get a kick out of the chance to visit. These subterranean insect trap inns totally freed our place of these normal spring and summer bugs, however, I likewise have a nontoxic insect splash up my sleeve, which I share, here, as well. Sugar Ant Hotel 1 glass borax 1 glass sugar water 4 shallow glass jugs with screw tops (little jug of marinated artichoke heart containers are perfect) 4 free wads of bathroom tissue In a bowl, blend the borax and sugar. Place a free wad of bathroom tissue into every one of four distinctive screw-top containers. Pour a fourth of the sugar and borax blend into every one of the four containers, over the tissue. Fill each container with water to one inch of the best. Screw the covers on the jugs, and with a sled and nail, make four to eight openings in the top. Place the containers in territories where you have ants (however avoid pets and youngsters). This subterranean insect trap will get the specialists yet not the ruler. A more far-reaching arrangement is to mix 1/4 measure of confectioner's sugar and one tablespoon of borax and sprinkle it in insect activity territories. There isn't sufficient borax with this strategy to slaughter the specialist ants quickly, so they take it back to the home, at last killing it. (On the off chance that the specialist ants do bite the dust at the powder, cut back on the borax.) Citrus Solvent Spray Place 1/some citrus dissolvable, (for example, Citra Solve) in a splash jug, and include some water. Splash in regions where there are ants. This works! There are likewise various herbs, for example, mint and pennyroyal, and flavors, for example, cayenne pepper, that repulse ants. ant pest control
  20. bruffy

    Budgie Throwing Food Out Of Dish?

    she wants to breed, you have probably already seen an egg or two by the time you read this reply
  21. Hey everyone. I had budgies when I was a kid. I’m 54 yrs old now. My Mom was given this budgie 5 yrs ago. She passed October 2015. I inherited him. He was bought from Petco. Growing up we had 2 budgies. Both purchased from a breeder. So they were hand held. This one I couldn’t and can’t touch. But,,,, he’s smarter than any bird I had. He talks non-stop. He’s learned what to say when he wants to come out. He recognizes voices when he can’t see them. He’s a very smart bird. I love him. Hes actually my buddy. I give him baths at the sink. We watch tv together. My question for someone to help me. I used to have the sand grit at the bottom of the cage. This time I didn’t do it. But I see him picking at the sandpaper I have around his perch sticks. I bought the sand paper sheets for the bottom of the cage. And I bought the Avian Grit plus. He immediately Went down to the bottom of the cage and started to eat the grit. Then I read that’s not good for him. I don’t know what to do. Can anyone give advice. I want to help him. But I don’t want to kill him. From what I read. My email is Seagainee@ aol.com. Just Incase this site doesn’t work. Just put “ help Corky” in the subject so that know it’s real. Thanks.
  22. kiwinskippy

    Male Or Female

    Yes it might be a Georgia instead of George!
  23. Hello, can anyone please tell me what is the sex of my budgies. I have been told by the breeder that they are a bonded pair but I’m starting to think they are the same sex. Thanks in advance. 😊
  24. Unicorn fartz

    Male Or Female

    I think it’s a young female, pretty girl!
  25. Unicorn fartz

    6 Week Old Budgie - Boy Or Girl?

    Although I might be wrong, I believe you have a young male opainle. Very cute
  26. Unicorn fartz

    Budgie not well

    I suggest taking him to the vet if you can they will know what to do, hope he feels better soon!
  27. Unicorn fartz

    Mommy And Daddy And Baby

    Although you can keep them together, I do not recommend it because the father might try to breed with the daughter, or the son might try to breed with the mom/sister and etc.
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