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  2. Eileen

    Birdie Recipes

    ORANGE SURPRISE!!! stuff lots of vegs and frus into i emty orange. Serve to budies.
  3. okay I have a male olive green budgie who is about 18months (got him from a colony breeder as a baby). Before he's first moult he had quite a purplish tinge near his vent region, and still has a slight purplish tinge. I am hoping to breed with him and I was wondering if he would be a double factor violet and if I breed him with a visual violet hen, would they produce violets? Thanks for any information anyone can supply!
  4. the crested budgie

    What Is A Brown-wing?

    Gday RIP or anyone else that can help , i know your post was a few years ago, hopefully you can help. Im in Sydney with the St George budgerigar society club, and as far as we are aware i am the only one with them over here or maybe anywhere but unfortunantely i am down to my last pair,, a visual grey hen that cant get to do anything and a split green cock Warren Wilson and i were speaking on the weekend and he said there was some in WA but is unaware of what happened to them. I also seen that you bred them. Where are you located? Brings me to my point do you know who may have them or know the where abouts of some where i may be able to get in touch with them. I have a standard for them also. Thanks Craig 0410116181
  5. Eileen

    Green Beans

    sprout them and serve.
  6. Eileen

    Still hurting

    spend lots of time with him. My budgie is on my head preening my hair rigth now.
  7. Eileen

    Parent Trying To Mate Baby Just Out Of Nest

    maybe u should take him into a sperate caeg so thay they could see each other but cannot reach.
  8. Hello everyone ! These days my sky& kiwi is playing outside. In fact sky is on top of my computer as i type this right now. *AWW!!!* and kiwi also *DOUBLE AWW!!!* okay anyways these days my budgis are loving fresh veggies very much and i am thinking of planting a little floweer pot full of plants that they could eat. I have some millet grass sprouting in the pot and i want to add some more that they ca eat. Anyone hav an idea peeaze share with me!!πŸ˜‰
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  10. Hello Fellow budgie keepers i am new to this forum but need some advice desperately. I have a baby just out of the nest, she is very strong and can fly around the avairy very well but the father is continually trying to groom and mate her. She only came out today and Mum has been feeding her, do I seperate the baby or do I take him out??? Please help Mel
  11. Bob K (USA)

    Hello, All

    Thanks for the information, Derek. Personally, I've always disliked Facebook from the formatting perspective and difficulty of navigating the site, never mind the revelations of how it's been monetizing our personal information and making the poorly-informed and weak-willed fodder for nefarious disinformation. Between FB and Google, I almost hate to power up my laptop some days knowing that I'll be assaulted with ads and "offers" that I don't care to take up.
  12. Derek

    Hello, All

    Bob, most of the exhibition budgerigar breeders have left this forum courtesy of Facebook. Quite sad really as it was quite the buzz some years back. Cheers
  13. Amazing Read, Thank you so much
  14. Eileen

    Birdie Recipes

    this is my famous Chickweed Freeze: Chickweed ( without chemicals) millet chopped veggies ( i used lettuce) fruit juice (i use orange) put chickweed millet veg into ice cube tray. Pour juice on top of the other ingredients until covered. Freez and serve 2 budgies!
  15. Skye Lily

    Gender And Age?

    They appear to be two males, about 3-4 months.
  16. Shinra

    Gender And Age?

    I got these budgies about a month ago, but I'm having trouble determining their gender(s)! I've checked many guides but I'm still not 100% certain. I also know these budgies are fairly young, but if anyone could provide a more specific number I would really appreciate it!
  17. Hello everyone, we just purchased four beautiful budgies for our son and I have been reading a few different articles on identifying the sex of them. After reading those articles I am not to sure the individual at the store correctly told us the sex of the little guys. Can you guys help us identify the sex. I'm pretty certain the green one is a male base on everything that I have read. But the other ones I am not to certain. I was told the blue one was a male, but base on everything that I have read online, I'm not to sure on the sex now. Thank you in advance for the assistance in sexing this little guys. The names of our flock. Blue = Chase Lutino = Sunny Green = Rocky White = Sky
  18. Skye Lily

    Male Or Female?

  19. Uhtred

    Male Or Female?

    Hello, I purchased this budgie roughly a month ago and I am having a hard time telling if it is a boy or girl since its is so young. My first impression is that it's a girl but I'm not so sure. I believe it is less than 4 months old since the stripes on the head come down pretty far. Can anyone help me out? Thanks,
  20. HappyTrail

    Miss Me, But Let Me Go.

    This pome is great, I lost my little guy last month, it was tragic for me but now he is free, he had much to overcome and he did it and taught me so much!
  21. HappyTrail

    Great Community

    I have gotten much good advice from this forum, both old and new I am happy to be a part of it. I’ve had budgies on and off since I was a child and by chance I guess I am now a breeder because the two budgies I got that we’re supposed to be males were actually male and female. So we are now having little ones. It is awesome.
  22. Relu

    Is My Female Budgie Upset?

    There is a distinct way they chirp when they are angry. There is one loud chirp as if its calling out 'hello anybody around' and its kinda ringy on the ears. They make it when hear other budgies chirp or a similar sound. Also there is an angry chirp that is more sounding like they are sounding the letter 'ch' over and over. They make that sound also when they don't want to be touched. Mine make it when they are feeling cocky or naughty. I love to mimic it back at them and they fly angrily over my head.
  23. Relu

    Weirdo Burb

    So my female budgie often sleeps like this. I cannot imagine how this could be classified as comfortable. As you can see from the photos she climbes to the ceiling of the cage and spreads her legs attaching one to the side of the cage and one to the ceiling. So bizarre! She doesn't look sick, chirps, flirts with it's mate, eats, flies as usual, cleans it's feathers daily, breathes normally, poops normally. There also is no lump on the tummy to indicate that she is trying but cannot lay eggs. Pray for my budgie, I guess there is nothing wrong with her she is just a weirdo πŸ˜‚
  24. hope your next budgies go well! 1
  25. Eileen

    Taming 2 Budgies At Once?

    HELP BUDGIES NOT STEPPING UP AFTER SO LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i spent a lot of time trying to tame my two budgies and they steps up but after they just run away. They sometimes perch on my hand but gets off after twelve seconds. when i try to make them perch again they just run around the cage and just hiding in there. i need some help.πŸ˜•
  26. Hi, so I'm considering getting a budgie soon, but I have a few questions before I do: Can you keep 2 male budgies together in a cage? If you bring both of them home on the same day, from the same place, do you still have to quarantine one? What's a good cage brand and size? In a typical week, what should I feed my budgie? What type of perches, in your opinion, are best? How can I effectively tame my first budgie? If anyone has answers to these questions, or other advice, please reply! Thank you so much!!
  27. Eileen

    Itchy Budgies

    hello fellow budgie lovers my two budgies sky and kiwi seems to be very itchy these days and scratch their head anywhere they can find;the bars, the perches, their toys, any thing! is this normal for my fluffies and, if not, how do i stop it?
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