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  2. I have 4 budgies in quite a large cage with a nestbox which my bonded two budgies snowy and sparky have explored. They have shown all signs of a well bonded pair and are roughly 1 year old. Would they not mate because there are two other budgies in the cage. Do they need to be in their own cage in order to breed?
  3. Hi guys, im new here so not totally sure how this site works, but Ive been having a problem with my budgie "Prinny". The little guy has a weeping eye and feather loss around ever since I saved him, but he's gradually lost feathers on his wing (where you can see) and more on his eye. He looks and behaves normal and loud 😂 droppings dont look lime green or too watery... Wondering if anyone can diagnose the problem and give me tips to help him. Please
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  5. Hi, My name is Karen and I've never used a Forum before. Could someone please help me so I can view the pictures on this forum. There is just an Icon that comes up that prompts me to go to photobucket.com. When I do that, it says I have to sign up to use this feature which cost me. Am I doing something wrong. Please help if you can. Thanks Karen
  6. Cracked Budgie Egg

    Hi, I have one of my budgie eggs which is slightly cracked inwards. I candled the egg to see if the baby is alive and it was moving but there was no blood on the crack. If the budgie hatches, would it hatch with a disability?
  7. Sodarain

    Hello - I have just joined. I am wondering if there are any breeders in or near Bunbury Western Australia.
  8. Hi! I have a new budgie and I have gotten him so far to step up on my finger when I have a treat between my fingers. If, on the other hand, I don't have a treat he does not step up. Most of the time, in this case, I can get my finger just under his belly, but when I try to gently push, he resists. I don't think it would be a good idea to push to hard because he will fall off the perche or escape otherwise, probably leaving him a bad memory with regard to my finger. My question: How can I get him to voluntarily step up on my finger without a treat? His wings are unclipped and he is male and just starting to molt now (so must be around 3 months old, I suppose). Any suggestions? Thanks!
  9. So, today i was feeding my 4 budgies their food until my pet bunny came up and started to eat with them. I was wondering if it's safe for my pet bunny to be eating budgies food, he's just a month old. i just got my bunny 2 days ago and he is really blending with my budgies, especially the male budgie. I don't really know the bunn bun's gender yet.
  10. English Budgie Size?

    I know this thread is kind of old. May I confirm that in continental Europe, the show budgies are commonly referred to as English budgies. I can guarantee that that is the case in Italy (cocorita inglese or ondulato inglese). Also, in Germany the show budgies are called either Standard budgie, Show budgie or English budgie (Standardwellensittich, Schauwellensittich or Englischer Wellensittich). The "American" budgie is called Hansi-Bubi Wellensittich. Of course, everyone in Continental Europe knows that budgies originated from Australia, but that the English have bred their own type (for size).
  11. Is This Aviary Any Good ?

    I have owned budgies for about 2 weeks now and looking to buy a big aviary. Would this one be good to buy ? https://www.bunnings.com.au/absco-sheds-1-52-x-0-78-x-1-8m-single-door-aviary-zincalume_p3311479
  12. Hello Budgie People

    Hi bruffy, since my first post in here, i now have 4 budgies and a bigger cage. I will be posting in the aviary section for some advice.
  13. Not 100% sure of the sex of our budgie. He/she is 10 weeks old, and with the bird being a solid colour I'm not sure if the same cere rules apply.
  14. thanks bruffy, but I think you did not understand my question: should I clip the wings immediately when I bring the bird home or should I wait some time (days, weeks, etc.) before clipping? Which will destroy less trust in me?
  15. thanks. HOw much the crop must be filled at least so it does not starve? i dont want to touch the second baby but I afraid its crop is not the half full. I dont know when to intervene, I dont want any chick dies because of me ever again.
  16. French Molt

    breeding can pass it on, as you are not going to breed then you can live with it, I have had birds that after a year to two years have overcome French moult fully feathered again
  17. Very small egg....

    it was the very first egg laid by the hen
  18. Colony Breeding

    you can quite easily colony breed if you are very careful yes correct aviary size and flock size is a problem a few watering and feeding points to spread out contact *(some hens are just damn grumpy) common knowledge- more nest boxes than hens - no closer than 700mm apart (birds have their own territory) ALL AT THE SAME HEIGHT have a spare smaller aviary, to house spare cocks and hens- they will become THE trouble makers if a hen persists on an already taken box then MOVE all the unoccupied nest boxes around in different spots/or her for about a week (she will get that box out of her head)- shade , light, wind, exposure, may be a factor for why they are not occupied keep perches away from nest boxes as you create territory problems *(just watch your birds to note that they are not happy when others come too close) my opinion only, been there done that, still do , still breed good quality birds with good numbers of young I also cabinet breed a selected few pairs of my best as I want to get what I can from my birds that are ageing, their babies are the future for crossing
  19. Still Waiting

    what I was trying to say is that I'm not a respected breeder - I buy from them, but have been involved in clubs both here and Victoria, I don't have the time to get right back into it, but I have bred budgies since I was 7 yrs old, about 48yrs now
  20. Still Waiting

    don't get me wrong, but birds don't feed themselves in a nest box, forget millet- she either wants to breed or not, may be too young (I have two nine month old sibling hens, using the same nest box, 2 different cock birds) they just fledged 7 young and have 8 new fertile eggs, they tag team brooding and feeding, I do not show birds although I only buy from well known breeders in WA, therefore I don't care about their lineage as I will create my own as time goes by, I will re-join a club when I retire and then ring and show
  21. Can I Change My Males

    when I first started breeding, I used to put the hen in the breeding cabinet (as I have reverted back to - all cabinets in the aviary- good contact with the flock , remember budgies are flock birds) then I would attach another cage to the front of the breeding cabinet with my preferred cock bird- by doing this the hen only has close contact with one male as the cage prevents others from trying to "cut in" but she still can see/hear her friends, give it three four days then introduce them, good luck, worst comes to worst extend the time , remember they will breed when they want to , not because you want them to be patient, good luck
  22. try separating males , change their diet a little, maybe your weather conditions may have some effect this year??, don't know have you changed your aviary about a lot? generally they don't like changes , if so only change no more than 10 percent of anything in the aviary , and not regularly
  23. We Baby Budgie Sleeping In Seed Container

    could be just its personality or is actually younger and still needing the comfort of a corner to hide in, then again maybe a bit of separation anxiety from loss of siblings being about- therefore a bit young I would think, just my thoughts
  24. Where Are You From?

    Dwellingup, wa, Australia
  25. 24 hrs is way too long a time, egg food powder, available at a pet shop , no longer than every four hour should do it
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