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  2. Hey guys. I have had to take a baby budgie under my own wings.It was a little jelly baby at Christmas. 25 December. Now he is fluffy. And getting feathers. Any way. He's crop is full and his belly near his tail is big, I'm not sure what's going on. Can someone help ?
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  4. Can I Change My Males

    Thanks, I have been watching the hen and she is still on the eggs.
  5. Can I Change My Males

    In my experience if you change cocks it usually results in the hen leaving her eggs. She can even attack the intruder so keep an eye on her.
  6. What about Slate? I have a spangle that I suspect is a slate. Can you give me some info on breeding him? I currently have him paired with a sky blue dilute.
  7. Thanks for the post. I agree with you, but I didnt know about the single and double dark factors in Grey Greens. I have 4 Grey Greens and they are all the same color. I was thinking that the only way I could tell was by a test breeding. Do you have any pictures of the different factors?
  8. Can I Change My Males

    Like Brett, it seems that my birds are taking a long time to breed. I just had a couple where the hen layed 5 eggs. She is a dark green and I have her with a Gray Green. I dont want to breed gray green. So after she layed her eggs and was sitting on them past the 24 day mark, I put a blue normal male in with her. I really want her to breed with a blue. What do you guys think? She was the first one of 3 pairs to breed. I have been feeding the birds high protein mixture and here in Hawaii the weather is mild. How can I get me more interested in breeding?
  9. Still Waiting

    Brett, you are not alone. I have 3 pairs set up to breed. Dec 1, one of my hens started to stay in their box. Other 2 nothing. One other hen went into her box but would ont lay eggs. I am learning just to be patient. My pairs have bonded, but they are not interested in laying. My birds outside in the aviary, only the males are kissy kissy I was going to ask others how can I get my birds interested. I have been feeding them a mixture of parakeet food, petamine, millet and egg food. Oh yes and I have been adding wheat germ. The one female layed 5 eggs and I only saw her breeding after the second egg was layed. She might have mated without me seeing. So if you guys know anything I am doing wrong, or if you have any suggestions, let me know.
  10. Bird Hurt Foot

    Hi, I left my budgies (2, both female) at home for two days alone (plenty of food and water). When I came back, one of the females had a hurt foot (there is no way the other bird could have attacked please so not tell me otherwise), and was quite lethargic and weak. She seems very awkward when walking around (trying to spread wings out for balance but tipping over) and falls to the ground a lot (left leg). When she does fall sometimes she just sits on the ground and doesn't get back up. Any home remedies? please answer ASAP thank you :))
  11. What Genders Are My Budgie

    All females Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. Gender And Colour Type?

    Hi I would definitely say female If you have other males and females you can compare their private area and see the difference if they are mature enough 1+year old Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. I’ve had Comet since she was just out of the nest, they are about 11 months old now, I’m still unsure of the gender as the cere is pink-purple. comet also has one completely black eye and one with a white ring. I’m also unsure as to the colour type. Any help?
  14. Budgies Not Taming

    I got my two budgies eleven days ago from a pet store. One, the male, is flighted and I do not wish to clip his wings, and the other, the female, has french molt and lacks the ability to fly. I've had them well over a week, and they will eat, drink, and sometimes climb around the cage. My issue is taming them, because they don't seem to be making any progress. They are fine with me being in the room, but when I talk to them or enter the room they'll tense up. Pierre, the male, has only eaten millet spray from me once, and Luna has never. When I hold millet spray out to them Luna will try to get away and jump off the perch, and Pierre won't move much but doesn't seem interested in the millet. I want to know the best training method, be it tunnel or not. Most places say that they should like millet and come to me that way in as little as a few days, but that doesn't seem to be working for me. Second, I would like them to be out of the cage, but I've been told I need to tame them first and haven't made progress with that. I have a play gym for them out of the cage, but have no way of getting them out. Help, please? Thank you!
  15. We have a female budgie whonis nearly 2 who we had for about 7 months before getting another budgie which we found out is male. They were great for a while and then recently our female budgie has started attacking the male budgie - pulling at his feathers, pushing off perches and stopping him eat. We do not know what to do for the best. We have put her outside the cage but she goes to him and tries to get him through the bars. He on the other hands misses her and always goes yo where she is. Please help as we want to make sure they are both safe and that he doesnt get hurt. Many thanks
  16. French Molt

    I recently received two budgies, a male and a female, from a pet store as a gift. I'd researched budgies and had all equipment needed to own them, so I was excited to welcome Pierre, a royal blue make budgie, and Luna, a grey female, into my house. A few days after receiving my budgies, Luna fell off of her food dish where she and Pierre had been eating, and seemed to make no attempts to fly back up. Eventually she hoisted herself up using the cage bars, and resumed eating. Later, when I had placed a new ladder into the cage, I noticed that it was blocking Luna's path to the food dish, so she had to weave around the ladder as she climbed the cage to get to her destination. After taking a closer look at Luna I realized that she was missing her secondary wing and tail feathers. After researching this I diagnosed it as french molt. What I want to know is whether or not keeping Luna and Pierre in the same cage will result in Pierre catching french molt and losing his feathers. I do not plan to breed the birds, so there wont be an issue with it being passed down to chicks, but I wanted to know is it will spread between two adult budgies. Thank you!
  17. Nervous New Mom

    Hi all, My name is Megan, and I just bought my first bird tonight. I've been preparing for weeks, planning to get a budgie, but tonight I just fell in love with this little guy that followed me back and forth at his cage at the petshop while I was picking up more supplies. I have been studying a lot, but being that I have no experience, I'm still really nervous and unsure. I'm so excited to have my little guy, though. I think he's a boy, and I think he's still a baby, but as he's solid yellow with no markings, I''m not super confident in that assumption. I'm still thinking of names, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to call him Puck. Not the best picture, but it's my very first picture of him and I was just way too excited to notice it was blurry.
  18. Eye Infection

    hi there, poor fella is facing infection in one eye. i used Methachlor eye ointment / drops for 6 days.. nothing seems happening. please advise what to do... adding to misery i am new to this pet bird stuff. do help, thanks. also attaching pics with dates.
  19. Abandoning

    Hello everyone, I have just moved my 3 budgies out of an Avery and into a big ish cage, now my 2 year old hen has abandoned the nesting box which has currently got 6 eggs in it. Im only 12 and I have no clue how to get her back on the eggs. I need answers ASAP before the eggs are harmed -cheers
  20. New To Forum

    Hi all I am new here and just wanted to introduce myself. I accidentally got into breeding when I saw two lonely looking budgies in a sparse cage in a pet store. I bought them, brought them home, got them a more suitable birdcage and started feeding them a good diet. Well, they have been breeding ever since! The male is a green and yellow English budgie named Desi and the female is mostly white with a bit of blue and her name is Delilah. I am hoping to learn a lot about budgies and breeding here. I also have two male budgies, housed separately, that are from the first clutch. They were handled because mom and dad didn’t do a very good job the first time around but have gone on to become fabulous parents. My first question is that I am concerned about Delilah being overtaxed. It doesn’t seem to matter what I do she just keeps producing one clutch after the other. I have tried removing the nest but she becomes frantic emptying every food dish etc trying to make a nest and will still lay eggs. I have tried separating mom and dad but they both become distraught when they can’t be together. How do I get her to take a break? Can anyone tell me the proper terminology for their colours?
  21. How Many Budgies In My Cage?

    Hi how many budgies can I fit in my new cage. I am currently breeding two budgies but I just got in a new double cage, it has 4 doors for food/water, 2 doors for access to the budgies and a divider down the middle for separation (note I also have many spare toys). The dimensions of the whole cage are 85cm x 50 x 50, how many budgies can I put in there? p.s. I also hand tame all my birds before breeding which means I can give them a couple hours outside the cage daily. thanks for any advise you could leave me with.
  22. I've been thinking of buying a budgie, they seem great and fit around my budget and house space. I've come on here to ask if the list I've compiled(spreadsheet is attached here) is compatible and to check whether anything I have is wrong or if I've missed something vital. Thanks! BudgieSupplies.xlsx
  23. Female And Male

    I would suggest splitting them up firstly as females can be very aggressive. Keep their houses next to each other and gradually start introducing them to each other and build from how they are doing when out together. I’m not an expert by any stretch and see if someone else has any ideas Best of luck Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. My budgie is moving. She opens eye after few minutes. She is breathing. But sitting for a long time. I am scared. What happened to my budgie. Please help me.
  25. Introduction , And Worried About Tail Feathers

    Hi there, I'm a budgie owner, not a breeder. I didn't see that the site was for breeders until I finished registering. Hope it's okay. We had an Australian budgie first a few years ago, and now we have an English budgie called Toast. The reason I came here is that something weird has happened to his bum/tail feathers. They're all splayed out, and there may be a blood stain, though he won't let us look. Any ideas? Should we be concerned, or do we just let it heal. Many thanks.
  26. Just starting up looking about thanks looking for couple cin one nor. One opal of exhibition  stock and decent norm if anyone can help thanks

  27. First of all don't assume that just because the hens are very young that they wont breed, they can breed under 6 months old and having them in with the other birds may well stimulate them to breed. Second thing, in an aviary breeding situation you need to understand that the risks of hens going into other boxes and fighting other hens and destroying chicks is high, they are best separated and bred as pairs. If aviary breeding you need to be very vigilant and check on them a few times a day if possible to make sure they are sticking to their own boxes. Any trouble makers should be removed immediately. I would have double the boxes that you have hens to avoid fighting as much as possible. If you still want to aviary breed I'd remove the young hens. Then remove the boxes and clean them out. Wait for a couple of weeks and then put the boxes back in to try again. Assuming your birds are in breeding condition they will probably get excited and go investigate straight away. Keep in mind the hot weather though, as it gets very hot in those boxes so once the heat kicks in its best to rest your birds.
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