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  2. formecutter

    New Budgerigar Imports Australia

    Bicon (Customs) will circulate a proposal to allow Budgerigars & Sperm into Australia in early 2019. There will be be 60 days for people to make comments on the report. The cost bring in birds was $800.00 so it would be about $1000.00 per bird plus what you purchase your Budgerigars. I am more concerned on importing Sperm it will cost a lot less, plus you will be able to obtain sperm from the top Breeders rather than their Culls.
  3. Skye Lily

    Pink Budgies

    I, Personally, would love to see the budgies.
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  5. Grackle

    Lutino Cere Color And Gender Id

    Thank you for your reply. She's really starting to blossom. Its amazing what good food and companionship will do for a lonely budgie. Shes so happy now.
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  7. Your beautiful budgie definitely is a male. He is very handsome! You say he is a baby? He looks pretty much fully matured too me. -YellowFeather
  8. YellowFeather

    What Gender Is This Budgie?

    Too tell the gender of a budgie you look at its cere, (nose.) if the budgies cere is white/ tannish colored it is a girl. If a budgies cere is a strong, deep blue/purple color it is a boy. At a young age, budgies genders are harder too recognize. You can tell whether or not your budgie is at full maturity by looking at its head. If the head is barred, it is a juvenile. If the head is a solid cap of yellow or white feathers, it is fully matured. Your budgie looks like a beautiful juvenile female! Hope this helped! -YellowFeather
  9. YellowFeather

    New Too Bbc

    Hey everyone! I am new too BBC and am really liking it! I will post pictures of my flock and new arrivals here -YellowFeather
  10. YellowFeather

    Lutino Cere Color And Gender Id

    Your beautiful budgie looks like a female too me! I own a female Lutino budgie myself, they are such a pleasure too own! -YellowFeather
  11. YellowFeather

    What Sex Is This Budgie

    Hmm, looks like a female too me. At a young age budgies genders are a little difficult to identify. If you could send pictures a few weeks later I could make sure that your budgie really is a female. Hope this helped! -YellowFeather
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  13. electricbudgie

    tree branches

    Can I use a mandarine tree branch?
  14. Budgiebirdperson

    Multiple Budgie Eggs Hatching At Once?

    Hello, I have a pair of breeding budgies. It is their first time I bred with them. They have seven eggs, the first one was laid on the 17/10/18. Then three chicks hatched 7/11/18 this morning. When I checked on the chicks again this afternoon they were all alive and fed. I don't know if the parents helped the chicks out of the eggs or what happened. The parents (mainly the male) is more protective then he used to be. When I checked on the chicks the male would try to sit on them, he has never done that before (maybe he is being more protective because of the chicks). I was wondering why they all would hatch on one day? Thanks.
  15. Dianne

    Budgie Health

  16. Dianne

    Budgie Health

    Hi, my 6 year old male "Billy" has hypertrophy, so I think by other posts on this site. The only avian vet I could see only works on a Saturday (I work thru the week) once a month. Is there anything I could do to help my boy? Any advise would be helpful. I do see his breathing is starting to get heavier, otherwise he is a very active, eats well, drinks well, bites me but not hubby. Thanks
  17. I took in this bird solely to get it out of the horrible conditions it was living in. Anyway, I cant for the life of me tell if its a male or a female. Ive looked at so many photos Im delirious and even more confused 🤪. Too many cere photos taken in bad lighting which distorts the color of the photos. I was told by the person who had it that it was a male and that it was approximately 8 months old. I feel like its a female but I would like someone to confirm one way or the other. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  18. PrettyDahlia

    What's With Him..?

    Hello, I'm a new member here and I hope I'm posting this in the right place. Recently we bought a new budgie (it's been almost a month now) a-and... Well, now we are thinking about selling it... In the beginning, I made a lot of research before telling my family members that I am confident about having a budgie, I mean, that I am going to be responsible for it etc. And finally we bought it, but there was a surprise about him... After a few days he started chirping... He chirps all the time, this loud, monotonous chirp... Chrip chirp chirp chirp chirp... I've never encountered a budgie chirping this loud and this annoying (the noise itself is so bad to ears!!) and I've had 4 budgies in my life, but none of them had such terrible, high-pitched chirp. He just goes chirp chirp chirp chirp without any chatter, just chirps!! I am going crazy, and not just me, my family members are very annoyed (and I feel such guilt for bringing the bird home, we had such a peaceful life and I just ruined it all with this...) We spend a lot of time with him ever since I brought him home, he is not afraid of hands, he eats from my hand and steps up on my finger (though only with a little pressure against tummy, a stubborn fellow actually) I was searching for things like these and absolutely nothing helped. You may say it is normal, and it maybe is in your case, I also had budgies and I heard them, but none of them were this annoying... We are extremely close to giving up on him and all of my expectations were ruined. I would really appreciate if you respond with some help or at least tell me what is it to him, even if you are going to tell me that selling him is a good idea, thanks!
  19. hi, like all nestlings mine were tame also. I get them out daily of the box, handfeed them or cuddle them gently. As they fledged they went wild. like the parrents. All babies are sold by now. and I would let the parrents have babies again if they want to, just one or two eggs. What can I do so at least one nestling stays tame? do I have to seperate them from the parrents as they fledge in another room? shall I allow him to fly outside the cage, as the parrents do?
  20. bluey48

    Breeding Golden Faces

    How do I breed Australian Golden Faces that have single + double factors (hens and cocks)?
  21. PerrisPerches


    I have a clutch of eight eggs and have watched visual successful breedings. First egg was laid on September 29th and she laid every two days until the clutch was finished and didn't start sitting full time until the fourth? I thought I would have a chick hatched out by now but don’t even hear a peep? I haven’t candled but can tell at least four are developed , maybe a few more days ?
  22. Hello! I have had my boy for nearly a year and the past few months his cere hasn't been quite right. At first it was only a small amount, but it has gotten worse. He eats well, mainly seeds, but i feed him plenty of fruits, veg and greens! (Blueberries, carrots, mint, lettuce, parsley, apple etc) He is acting as normal as ever too, very happy and loving. I let him out a few times a week to stretch his wings and i keep his cage clean too, so I'm unsure where this could have come from. I have attached some photos for reference, to me it looks dry? maybe from the odd whether, but i just thought i would reach out for some advice! I may take him to a vet soon to get it checked out..
  23. I'm hoping I can get some advice. I rescued a budgie over the weekend from a family member. She was not looking after it all. This budgie was living in a filthy cage (not cleaned for months,possibly even a year) it looked so unwell so I just couldn't leave it there. This bird had never been out of the cage or even outside, I don't know what his diet has been like but judging by the looks of him it hadn't been good. I will be taking him to the vet but that won't be until late this week so until then is there anything I can be doing to help this budgie get better? Here are some pics of him not the best but he is very scared and wont let me get close. His feathers are very scruffy! And is missing all flight feathers on one wing.
  24. PerrisPerches


    Hello everyone! Brad here from Nova Scotia Canada or better know as the “Budgie Barn.” I was heavily into budgies, tiels, and loveys when I was younger but due to Life, had to take a break for a few years. I have recently gotten back into budgies and have a maiden hen on eight beautiful eggs. I live in the beautiful city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. My hand is a yellow cinnamon, and my mail is a yellow harlequin. I run a small business that serves all of the Atlantic provinces, it is called “Perris Perches” And we handcraft all natural woodeb perches for our feathered friends of all sizes. Looking forward to familiarizing myself with the chat forum in the group, and will post a picture of our first home clutch in a few weeks !! Perri and the gang
  25. PerrisPerches

    Hen On Clutch

    Good morning everyone ! Brad here from Halifax, Canada. Also creator of “Perris Perches” a natural wooden approach to the stimulation of our feathered friends serving the Atlantic provinces :)! My question is this; my hen is a day or so out from hatching out her first clutch and She’s thrown almost every piece of shredded paper out of the nest. Usually I would have thrown more pine shavings in at this point for my other pairs and other breeds but this hen is SUPER protective of these eggs and wants not even I innrhe nest and she’s fully hand tamed. Every time she’s out to eat and use the washroom (which isn’t often now) as soon as I attempt to open box she’s right back in beak beared! Should I attempt to put still put shavings in now before the clutch begins to hatch ornwait until I have a chick or two in the box? My thoughts are because it’s her first clutch she’s super protective. She also has a clutch of eight and I’m hoping for her and the cocks sake not 5 or 6 hatch as that’s a large clutch for first time parents ! Looking for opinions and suggestions ! :)
  26. mr.picklesandpoppy

    Some Pictures For You All To Enjoy!

    So awesome! Great pics!
  27. Just wondering if any of the members/breeders from years back still look in here or has everyone migrated to Facebook.
  28. Justbev


    I joined the forum to warn people that ending the life of your own bird is traumatic. I had to do it last weekend so looked in the forum to find out the most humane way. I have read about many ways and they all sounded horrendous until I found a method recommended on this forum. Although it made me feel sick, I did it only to wish that I hadn't as I have been traumatised ever since. It was painless and reasonably quick as described but there must be something better as I still felt her little body react. I have been breeding on a very small scale for about six years and this is the first time that I have had to take this measure.
  29. Jennifer

    Paint Fume Safety Question

    Hello. My son wants to get a budgie soon. We just patched a couple of holes in his wall with Spackle and painted over the patches with a latex interior satin paint (we are not going to paint the whole room). There is a lot of info on the net about the dangers of fumes regarding painting entire walls/rooms but nothing specific to patching. The paint is dry (painted 24 hours ago) and we can't smell any paint fumes. However, if we put our noses to the areas where we painted, there is a faint odor of paint. When would it be safe to get the budgie?
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