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  4. I'm a new budgie owner too so I might not be completely right about this, but I have one budgie who chews the sandpaper around one perch. He chews all the other perches too and the food cups. So your budgie chewing the sandpaper might not be about wanting sand, it could be chewing for fun. I also have grit in the cage, the birds aren't really interested in it though so I haven't taken it away after discovering that it might be harmful, if they're eating it at all they're not eating large enough amount to be useful. I've read that budgies can try to replace their nutrition with grit if they're not getting enough food, could it be that? If he's eating a lot of the grit I would take the grit away and only give small amounts (it may or may not be useful but in small amounts it shouldn't be harmful, either).
  5. I've had two budgies for a bit over a week now. The female one sometimes tweets a lot. She started tweeting yesterday and today in the morning after I removed the cage cover, might have done that before too but I can't recall. The tweets are pretty consistent (sound the same) and there are a couple seconds between them. She has been tweeting for about half an hour now. A couple times the male answered with a similar but quieter sound. Do these sounds signal that she's upset about something or what do they mean? What could she be upset about?
  6. Marissa

    Question About Leg Rings

    Hi, this is my first post ever. I would like to know if a budgie leg ring with numbers on it still accurate with colour/year age. Awkward question, but I read somewhere that if it's a split ring with numbers, then the colour of ring is not age related. Thanks.
  7. Marcowilson

    Ant Hotel!

    Hello all member, Sugar Ant Hotel The ants go walking one by one into this custom made sugar subterranean insect in. We make three to six of them each insect season—a family custom—and place a couple in the kitchen, and wherever else ants get a kick out of the chance to visit. These subterranean insect trap inns totally freed our place of these normal spring and summer bugs, however, I likewise have a nontoxic insect splash up my sleeve, which I share, here, as well. Sugar Ant Hotel 1 glass borax 1 glass sugar water 4 shallow glass jugs with screw tops (little jug of marinated artichoke heart containers are perfect) 4 free wads of bathroom tissue In a bowl, blend the borax and sugar. Place a free wad of bathroom tissue into every one of four distinctive screw-top containers. Pour a fourth of the sugar and borax blend into every one of the four containers, over the tissue. Fill each container with water to one inch of the best. Screw the covers on the jugs, and with a sled and nail, make four to eight openings in the top. Place the containers in territories where you have ants (however avoid pets and youngsters). This subterranean insect trap will get the specialists yet not the ruler. A more far-reaching arrangement is to mix 1/4 measure of confectioner's sugar and one tablespoon of borax and sprinkle it in insect activity territories. There isn't sufficient borax with this strategy to slaughter the specialist ants quickly, so they take it back to the home, at last killing it. (On the off chance that the specialist ants do bite the dust at the powder, cut back on the borax.) Citrus Solvent Spray Place 1/some citrus dissolvable, (for example, Citra Solve) in a splash jug, and include some water. Splash in regions where there are ants. This works! There are likewise various herbs, for example, mint and pennyroyal, and flavors, for example, cayenne pepper, that repulse ants. ant pest control
  8. bruffy

    Budgie Throwing Food Out Of Dish?

    she wants to breed, you have probably already seen an egg or two by the time you read this reply
  9. Hey everyone. I had budgies when I was a kid. I’m 54 yrs old now. My Mom was given this budgie 5 yrs ago. She passed October 2015. I inherited him. He was bought from Petco. Growing up we had 2 budgies. Both purchased from a breeder. So they were hand held. This one I couldn’t and can’t touch. But,,,, he’s smarter than any bird I had. He talks non-stop. He’s learned what to say when he wants to come out. He recognizes voices when he can’t see them. He’s a very smart bird. I love him. Hes actually my buddy. I give him baths at the sink. We watch tv together. My question for someone to help me. I used to have the sand grit at the bottom of the cage. This time I didn’t do it. But I see him picking at the sandpaper I have around his perch sticks. I bought the sand paper sheets for the bottom of the cage. And I bought the Avian Grit plus. He immediately Went down to the bottom of the cage and started to eat the grit. Then I read that’s not good for him. I don’t know what to do. Can anyone give advice. I want to help him. But I don’t want to kill him. From what I read. My email is Seagainee@ aol.com. Just Incase this site doesn’t work. Just put “ help Corky” in the subject so that know it’s real. Thanks.
  10. kiwinskippy

    Male Or Female

    Yes it might be a Georgia instead of George!
  11. Hello, can anyone please tell me what is the sex of my budgies. I have been told by the breeder that they are a bonded pair but I’m starting to think they are the same sex. Thanks in advance. 😊
  12. Unicorn fartz

    Male Or Female

    I think it’s a young female, pretty girl!
  13. Unicorn fartz

    6 Week Old Budgie - Boy Or Girl?

    Although I might be wrong, I believe you have a young male opainle. Very cute
  14. Unicorn fartz

    Budgie not well

    I suggest taking him to the vet if you can they will know what to do, hope he feels better soon!
  15. Unicorn fartz

    Mommy And Daddy And Baby

    Although you can keep them together, I do not recommend it because the father might try to breed with the daughter, or the son might try to breed with the mom/sister and etc.
  16. Hi, recently my female budgie has been throw all the seed out of her food bowls. She is 11 months old, and she lives with seven other companions. They all live in a huge cage with 2 food bowls and 2 water bowls, and all she has been doing lately is sitting in the food bowls and kicking seed out. We don’t know why she is doing this, does anyone know how to get her to stop or at least to leave the food bowls alone sometimes. Also she has a ton of toys to keep her busy. Thanks in advanced . Beth
  17. CMG

    Budgie Behaviour

    My 4 year old Male budgie is sitting on his perch and nearly standing horizontal. He leans over so far sometimes he nearly falls off. He is on his own now after my other budgie (female) died last week. Any ideas why he is doing this? This is the first time has been on his own as has been with the other budgie from being babies.
  18. Hi there - I'm new to the forum :) and new to budgie owning too! We have this gorgeous little yellow/green budgie, Lemony Snicket (my 8 year old named it), who is 6 weeks old. He/she is a solid pale yellow colour with a pale greeny blue chest. No bars present anywhere, which I thought they were meant to have on their heads when they were babies - but we got him/her from a breeder and she says that he/she emerged from the nest the day before. He/she is quite tame already, doesn't bite much but occasionally nibbles! So... do we have a boy or a girl? Also, anyone know what kind of budgie our Lemony is? Thank you!
  19. box-turtle

    New Budgie Owner

    Hi. I'm Tim. I recently got a budgie for my 12 year old daughter who loves the birdies and all animals very much. I care for it and watch it in my home office while she's at school. I had one growing up while living at my Aunt's house and that little guy had full range of the house and was friends with her two dogs; they're such sweet animals. However, after 6 days ours suddenly died. I noticed just yesterday it was sitting on the cage bottom a couple times, looking sleepy. That was the first sign. And this morning we woke up to find it dead. He will be missed. We'll likely replace it and I'll clean the cage and everything very well. But this time I want to make sure all it's needs are met and we don't lose another one. So, I've joined this community and we'll be reading up on others experiences. Live long and prosper.
  20. I breed a few babies for pets. I handle my birds every day in the nest so they will make great pets.I keep them inside once they are eating seed and handle them everyday.They step up on my finger already and dont bite.I always wanted a pet budgie that didn't bite me and was easily handled.Not having much luck I decided to breed my own one.Then I realised there were people who felt the same.I only sell the ones I would like to keep myself as a pet and now have repeat or recommended buyers. I have recently been asked to sell baby budgies and cockatiels so they can hand raise them. I suspect the person is going to resell them. I didn't think it was legal to sell unweaned birds.
  21. Jojo74

    Newbie Budgie Owner

    I bought 3 budgies last Sunday, 2 blue and grey called Merlin and Myrtle and a green,blue, yellow one called Mango. I used to have budgies as a child. Joined this forum for help if needed:-)
  22. I am new to this forum but have a problem that I hope someone will enlighten me. My female budgie who is about 3 year old becomes very aggressive to other budgies in the aviary. In the past she has attacked other females but has also successfully had babies while in the large aviary. I have 10 birds - female and male. Last spring I put her in a breeding cage with a male but no eggs were produced. They happily live together except at this time of the year. I don't necessarily want to breed but I have taken the precaution of putting her alone in a seperate cage. Are some budgies naturally aggressive like this, because the other budgies in the aviary are fine and don't seem to fight. I would appreciate any feedback.
  23. Deon Van Der Mescht

    Budgies Died Unexpectantly

    Hope someone can assist. Three of my budgies died in the same nest on the same night. 2 of them were 3 weeks old and one was 2 weeks. The previous night they were still alive and well fed but the next morning they were dead and ice cold. What can the problem be please.
  24. My 20 days old baby budgie jumped out of the nest, i keep putting him back, but he keeps jumping. He is okay, and the parents keep giving him food, should i worry, or keep trying to pit him back? His older brothers or sister are almost 30 days old, they have all the feathers and they just dont jump! Is that normal?
  25. Hi all, I have two budgies, a 7-year-old male (pictured) and a 9-year-old female. Neither of them have ever had any serious health problems until this week. Both have always been very active and energetic. The male seems tired at all times, fluffing up his feathers and squeezing his eyes shut for hours and hours on end. He is eating and drinking, and while he had diarrhoea for a day or so this has now passed and his temperament remains unaltered. When I put a heat lamp over the cage, he gravitated to it instantly, and often stays underneath it for hours without moving. What can I do, and does anyone know what he has? Thanks for your support!
  26. Hi all. I just signed up to the site to ask for peoples opinions. Until yesterday I had two budgies named B1 & B2 a male and a female. I bought them both together as young birds about 4 years ago and they have always been together in the same cage. They were good companions for one another but unfortunately yesterday the female had some problems with an egg that become stuck and even though the vet removed it (there were actually two eggs removed) B2 didn't make it through the ordeal ☹️ I'm concerned now for the one bird that's left in case it becomes lonely. I'm wondering if I was to go out and buy another friend for it would it be better to choose a bird around the same age or will it be okay to introduce another younger male? The alternative is to find someone with other budgies that would be willing to take B1 to join their flock but Im unsure how well birds adapt to new members. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Dave.
  27. Sandy11

    Male Or Female

    Hi there! Can someone please identify if my budgie is a male of female? We got George when he was about 6 weeks old and apparently he is a boy! He's about 3 mths old now.
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