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  2. Feather Loss Around Eye

    Hi guys, im new here so not totally sure how this site works, but Ive been having a problem with my budgie "Prinny". The little guy has a weeping eye and feather loss around ever since I saved him, but he's gradually lost feathers on his wing (where you can see) and more on his eye. He looks and behaves normal and loud 😂 droppings dont look lime green or too watery... Wondering if anyone can diagnose the problem and give me tips to help him. Please
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  4. Eggs

    Hi, I am thinking that my budgie is bearing eggs. Can you maybe give me some tips because I am very new to this. Thanks in advance
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  6. Help!

    Thanks, will post a video soon!
  7. Help!

    Just from your description, it sounds like your correct. My advice would be to make a short video and post it on one of the Face Book Budgie help sites, Like Budgie help and advice. Its impossible to tell without seeing If you know what I mean.
  8. Exciting About New Colour

    Hi Michael. Looks interesting. how's it looking now that its older?
  9. Help!

    We think my budgie is bearing eggs. She looks like she’s doing some weird motion with her head she opens her mouth and Bobs her head up-and-down I’m thing she is practicing regurgitation for when she lays her egg. I don’t know though. Please help. Thanks in advance
  10. Is My Budgies Is Going To Lay An Egg?

    Hi again, she still has not layed but her poop is getting quite big and she has been sitting on the perch outside her nest box all day. Please give me some tips on what to do. Thanks
  11. Exciting About New Colour

    It almost looks like a half sider
  12. Colour Mutation ??

    Photos dont show
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  14. hi thank you. Mum Dand and the 4 youngsters are in a separate cage. The other budgies are in another cage. Problem is they are in one room. And even if I close the cage from the parents, he yellow not breeding hen comes to their cage. The hen then comes to the grid with her feet. And they bite each others feet one frominside one from outside. Unfortunately I just have one room and a kitchen. Actually only possibility is to sell the not breeding hen I think?
  15. Hi group I have a question regarding the fertility of budgie hens once they have laid a clutch (in our case 8 eggs) with one baby thus far, which hatched 2.5 days ago. She is feeding the baby well and its crop is always full. She still stays in the box but does come out every now and then and I saw that she was mating again with the male. I'm hoping this is just recreational and that while raising chicks she is infertile. Is this correct? I don't really want any more eggs, I have to get through this clutch first and even then, will be separating them once babies are 6-8weeks old.
  16. My young budge has just been going through his juvenile moult. His moult has gone fine but too long new tail feathers dropped out. the feathers started emerging from the end of the long keratin sheath but the sheath failed to come off and the feathers were discarded. Is there something wrong. He seems very healthy. Very bouncy and chatters all day. I keep him with a hen of about the same age. her moult has been fine.
  17. How To Make My Little Baby Eat Veggies And Fruits

    You can start them eating veggies by slowly putting shredded carrots in with their seed. At first they may eat it accidentally but after while they will start to enjoy the taste of it .
  18. Hello budgie lovers, I have had my budgies for about six months and I’m noticing that my female budgie is bigger in the belly. She is also larger and has puffed up feathers by her bum. We think she is going to lay an egg because we have been noticing that the male is feeding her and bobbing his headed for her. They also have been very happy cleaning eachothers feathers recently. I did little research and we think she will lay her eggs soon. Since we are very new to this we were just wondering if you guys have any tips. We gave her nesting box today and her and the male were exploring it. We also gave her some nesting materials such as: shredded paper and some store-bought nesting materials. Right away she took the nesting materials and started to take them down to the nesting box. I was just wondering what you guys think I should do. Any tips are appreciated. Thanks There will be pictures of her down below.
  19. I have pairs of budgies and i discover a baby that i think is the first time to see a colour like this. Any ideas what he would be like ? Male is green and hen is blue. I am new to colour mutations..
  20. Colour Mutation ??

    Hi .. my hen has 5 babies and i saw a new colour that i have not seen it again ... do you have any idea what mutation is that one ?? Look at his wings .. male is green and female is blue
  21. Hen Is Attacking Breeding Hen

    Hi. You should only have the breeding birds SEPERATE from the others. Even if they are all happy and calm for a while, when you breed budgies in a aviary with more than 1 hen they will always eventually start fighting......If the aggressive hen gets into the nest box with the chicks she will KILL them. I'm not guessing okay, I know from 20 years experience. It can help to have lots of boxes to choose from but when you see that behaviour and you have chicks in the nest , the aggressive hen has decided that she wants the box and her intention is to kill the babies and take the box for herself. In this situation you should take out all other hens apart from the mum or baby hens and when the chicks are old enough take out the box so she cant lay anymore. If you want to breed later on then only breed her in a separate cage with the dad. Its also a good idea to limit breeding to the cooler months (in Aust) which gives the birds break and the babies and parents are healthier as a result.
  22. hi, it started with a really bad fight as I bought a nest box. The two hens bite them in their feet and head on the floor. I tried to seperate them and they bite my fingers bloody. I did not know that they can harm themselves so much. Their feet were bleeding too. Then I put the nesting box in a separte big cage. In this cage live now mother hen, dad and 4 youngsters. The oldest one is 3 weeks old. in a another more big cage lives the aggressive hen, a shy hen, a very smart active hen, and a cute hen with standing feather on the head. So u can see I just have one male. the attacking hen stoped the attacks over time. Now I dont know what happened again. They are allowed the whole day. So the aggressive hen attempts to get in the mothers hen cage to the nest box. Mum hen of course is defending. They again bit theirselfves bloody. I dont know why she wants to badly get into this cage! is she curious about the chicks, does she want to kill them? but she does not stop trying it, mum hen does not stop defending. so I took my aggresive hen to a one more separete cage. She is getting nuts in it, running from one corner to the other. She wants to get out, she is not used to be closed. pls what can I do?
  23. I have 4 budgies in quite a large cage with a nestbox which my bonded two budgies snowy and sparky have explored. They have shown all signs of a well bonded pair and are roughly 1 year old. Would they not mate because there are two other budgies in the cage. Do they need to be in their own cage in order to breed?
  24. Hi guys, im new here so not totally sure how this site works, but Ive been having a problem with my budgie "Prinny". The little guy has a weeping eye and feather loss around ever since I saved him, but he's gradually lost feathers on his wing (where you can see) and more on his eye. He looks and behaves normal and loud 😂 droppings dont look lime green or too watery... Wondering if anyone can diagnose the problem and give me tips to help him. Please
  25. Hi, My name is Karen and I've never used a Forum before. Could someone please help me so I can view the pictures on this forum. There is just an Icon that comes up that prompts me to go to photobucket.com. When I do that, it says I have to sign up to use this feature which cost me. Am I doing something wrong. Please help if you can. Thanks Karen
  26. Cracked Budgie Egg

    Hi, I have one of my budgie eggs which is slightly cracked inwards. I candled the egg to see if the baby is alive and it was moving but there was no blood on the crack. If the budgie hatches, would it hatch with a disability?
  27. Sodarain

    Hello - I have just joined. I am wondering if there are any breeders in or near Bunbury Western Australia.
  28. Hi! I have a new budgie and I have gotten him so far to step up on my finger when I have a treat between my fingers. If, on the other hand, I don't have a treat he does not step up. Most of the time, in this case, I can get my finger just under his belly, but when I try to gently push, he resists. I don't think it would be a good idea to push to hard because he will fall off the perche or escape otherwise, probably leaving him a bad memory with regard to my finger. My question: How can I get him to voluntarily step up on my finger without a treat? His wings are unclipped and he is male and just starting to molt now (so must be around 3 months old, I suppose). Any suggestions? Thanks!
  29. So, today i was feeding my 4 budgies their food until my pet bunny came up and started to eat with them. I was wondering if it's safe for my pet bunny to be eating budgies food, he's just a month old. i just got my bunny 2 days ago and he is really blending with my budgies, especially the male budgie. I don't really know the bunn bun's gender yet.
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