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  2. Hi all, I have two budgies, a 7-year-old male (pictured) and a 9-year-old female. Neither of them have ever had any serious health problems until this week. Both have always been very active and energetic. The male seems tired at all times, fluffing up his feathers and squeezing his eyes shut for hours and hours on end. He is eating and drinking, and while he had diarrhoea for a day or so this has now passed and his temperament remains unaltered. When I put a heat lamp over the cage, he gravitated to it instantly, and often stays underneath it for hours without moving. What can I do, and does anyone know what he has? Thanks for your support!
  3. Hi all. I just signed up to the site to ask for peoples opinions. Until yesterday I had two budgies named B1 & B2 a male and a female. I bought them both together as young birds about 4 years ago and they have always been together in the same cage. They were good companions for one another but unfortunately yesterday the female had some problems with an egg that become stuck and even though the vet removed it (there were actually two eggs removed) B2 didn't make it through the ordeal ☹️ I'm concerned now for the one bird that's left in case it becomes lonely. I'm wondering if I was to go out and buy another friend for it would it be better to choose a bird around the same age or will it be okay to introduce another younger male? The alternative is to find someone with other budgies that would be willing to take B1 to join their flock but Im unsure how well birds adapt to new members. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Dave.
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  5. Sandy11

    Male Or Female

    Hi there! Can someone please identify if my budgie is a male of female? We got George when he was about 6 weeks old and apparently he is a boy! He's about 3 mths old now.
  6. Eggs take 18 days to hatch. Sounds like your eggs are not fertile.
  7. Derek

    What Happened

    Wow, the forum is still here. Amazing. There is a lot of good information on here.
  8. Could someone please sex this baby budgie for me. would much appreciated it. thank you.
  9. Hi, my budgie laid 1st egg 29th may. Total 5 eggs. Today is 23rd June but eggs are not hatched. And female bird sitting tightly on the eggs continiously. How long it will tske to hatch. Please any advise?
  10. Hello! I have two budgies, one male and one female. I have had them for over a year and they live in a very large cage (double critter nation). I rescued Elliott (my male) in December of 2016 from a bad situation. I realized that he was lonely and decided to get Olive (my female) when he was only partially tame (which was a mistake). They are now inseparable and I do not know how to tame them together. I can not separate them because Olive has anxiety and she freaks out when they are seperated, even by the bars of their cage. I have also tried using Miller but Olive is very afraid of my hand. I am not sure if I should clip their wings (but I am stongly against taking away their freedom of flight so...)??? What should I do???
  11. Is Sunshine a girl or a boy? I believe sunshine is a lutino. Thank you for your help.
  12. Hey guys so one of my budgies has been stretching out his neck and opening his mouth, I know that it is usually just them adjusting their crop except my budgie did it like, 15ish times I’d like to say? There are no avian vets anywhere near me that I know of, so hopefully it isn’t anything serious... Does anyone know what it could be? Thx.
  13. Hi peeps, I have a cobalt blue female and I am looking at purchasing one of these two birds in the pictures. Can any one tell me what series of blue they are. Someone said mauve and cobalt (left to right) and another person said sky-blue and cobalt ( left to right). Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've also posted a picture of the one on the left on its own as you can see it's colours more clearly
  14. Unicorn fartz

    Blue The Male Budgie

  15. Unicorn fartz

    Is Trevor A Boy?

    Yes, I believe Trevor is a young male! Beautiful bird!🙂
  16. Unicorn fartz

    Lutino Budgie Sex

    Hi Smorgan, I believe that this is female. Beautiful girl!🙂
  17. So my female budgie is staying in my curtains for the past few weeks. Everyday she comes a couple times and my male budgie feeds her inside the cage (when she could just normally eat herself), she drinks some water, they do some mating and my female budgie leaves my male budgie for the curtain. During the morning, my male budgie stays in the cage then in the evening he goes up and sits on top of the curtain for the whole night while the female sits inside the curtain. We are guessing she has laid eggs but why would she choose the curtain over the breeding box? She never felt safe to leave the cage and now she suddenly feels like the curtain is the best spot. We have also noticed that there is some wet spot on only a bit of the curtain. Is that a broken egg or some really wet budgie poo? Is it normal for my budgie (that never felt comfortable leaving the cage) nest in my curtain? Is it bad for a female budgie to leave her eggs for 1 minute, multiple times a day? Thanks.
  18. Hi there! this budgie is male. You can tell by the color of it "nose" If blue it is a male, and lighter tones are generally females, when going for checkups at the veterinarians ask them what gender they are for a second opinion. (this does not apply to all species of birds, mainly budgie's) Thanks
  19. Just wondering if someone can help me to find out the sex of my budgie so can someone help me out today please
  20. mattdouglas06

    Aggressie Budgie

    hi there! This is my first post on this forum, i'm not quite sure if it is even active any more. I have had a budgie name "Paul" for the last year and a half. When we got him we tried to train him but he just seemed very aggressive. We purchased him from a farmers market (no clue of his age), with his brother and father. We sold his father as he was sick and old and we knew we weren't able to take care of him. About 1 year into owning him his brother passed away due to shock from a storm (was inside, must have been frightened to death ) We have tried multiple times to train Paul but he just does not like hands in his cage, we tried leaving our hands outside his cage with treats, but he would still fly to the other end of the cage and stay as far away as possible. I'm not quite sure if this would play a part in it but he has had mites for the last 4 months, they aren't very big or anything and they don't seem to bother him. We have changed his cage a few times, insuring it is clean with brand new toys, and we are planning on buying mite treatment but we aren't quite sure how we will get it on him as he hates being touched. Any help would be appreciated. Thankyou -Matt
  21. BlueGrok

    Double Trouble

    I have 2 budgies, to me they are parakeets. I inherited them from my grand daughter who was unable to keep them. One is white the other blue. The blue one has a growth on the cere is approx 3/16th of an inch and is hard, looks like a horn. I don't handle these birds at all and they are in a flight cage. the second issue is lately the white bird has become "aggressive" does not do any damage to the blue bird but chases it constantly around the cage. they have been together since I took them in about 2 years ago and this behavior is new. guestimate they are 3 +- years old. Any thoughts on the cere and the aggressive behavior?
  22. I just brought home my budgie from the pet store about a week ago. He/she seemed to be pretty tame,,sitting on my finger and eating millet from my hand. But Ting is not eating regular seeds or pellets, I know Ting cant survive on Millet but that all I can get Ting to eat,,help! I dont want my baby to die!
  23. MichaelWilleTheFirst

    Bonding Process With A New, Biting Budgie

    Back in February I unfortunately lost two of my stunning budgies, Astor and Maui. After about a month I decided to bring another into my life. Needless to say, the bonding/taming process hasn't been the same as the others, and I know that's normal, but I'm looking for advice. Oscar, my new bird, is incredibly bitey and afraid of hands, despite being hand raised. Since I'm not new to raising a young bird I understand not to be forcing the process, I'm just wondering if anyone here has any suggestions. If he gets out of his cage he's very well behaved, no biting and even runs to my finger to step up, but ends up getting nervous and does the "angel wings" and begins panting, so I put him back in his cage when I notice this happening. Could this behavior all be caused by it being spring time and the addition that he's a young, timid budgie? If any of you have had experience with a budgie like this let me know what worked for you.
  24. CloudyDay

    Hello! Concerned Newish Owner

    Hi, I sincerely apologise for not responding sooner. I thought nobody had read my inquiry and left it at that. Well the eye came good within a few days without any further applications, but I do love the idea of homeopathy and have bookmarked this page. I am never used the mite spray bottle as I simply don't trust applying pesticides on cage birds, but I guess if I had poultry, it would be a completely different necessity. Thanks again for your suggestions for future reference.
  25. Hello All I'm new to this forum and I'm after some advice. I have 8 budgies (3 females and 5 males) in an outdoor aviary. I have been given some of the birds, one of which is a flightless or 'runner' budgie - I think because of a slight wing malformation. She's called 'Buzz' and she manages to potter around quite happily. Recently, because one of my hens is very broody, I've put in some nesting boxes (the 3rd female is quite old but will push the broody female out of her box if she hasn't got one of her own ) I thought Buzz might just hang out in hers, but she has been spending quite a bit of time in it - and now has 2 eggs which she appears to be incubating. Has anyone got any experience of this? Thanks
  26. Budgiebirdperson

    Eggs Not Hatching

    Have you tried to candle the eggs to see if they are fertile?
  27. I would like to know the gender of this budgie. Thanks.
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