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  2. Hi, My bird has been acting strange of late. I'm thinking possible metal poisoning, or mites or lice. Any help would be appreciated. The bird is between 1-2 years old and these are some of the things I've noticed:- Bird is turning/twisting head around funny to the point of head being upside down. Regurgitates a lot of the time. Sometimes at the mirror but I've read this is to feed the bird it see's in the mirror. Has been biting the bars of the cage until the coating has come off. Rubbing head on the bars. Attacking mirror when head twisting happens. Is still eating okay and looks healthy. Thanks Nezal1982
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  4. This one: Sent from my ASUS_Z010D using Tapatalk
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  6. Have you considered homeopathy perparations ? Safest bet i believe. My budgies are fine as of or I could have suggested something specific. Could you check internet for homeopathic remedies for birds specifically ? Sent from my ASUS_Z010D using Tapatalk
  7. Hello all. I am new to this and I have 10 budgies in my flock. Now what I am concerned about is breeding myself in a corner. I would like to know what is too close in breeding and what is allowable? Would it be okay to breed father to daughter? Or wud it be better to breed half brother to half sister? I have one hen who is a violet mauve. I would like to focus on breeding violets. Since I only only have with the visual violet factor, I will have to breed related birds.
  8. Hey all, I had 6 budgies, 3 males and 3 females, in a big outdoor aviary (out of the weather) then one morning I went out there and 1 of the females had died. A couple of the other budgies had ruffled feathers and didn't fly away when i go close to them, which they normally do. They all ended up being alright but one day while I was outside I saw a pair, male normal budgie and female show budgie, mating. I was wondering if its alright for a show budgie and a normal budgie to mate? So far they have laid three eggs of the course of 5 days. The are all a little over a year old. None of them have bred yet. Thanks!
  9. Thank you She came out of the box yesterday and we were able to clean and remove the dead baby and she was fine. How soon would you be able to tell what colours the babies will be? Pictures attached of the mothers and father
  10. Most hens will move out of the box or you can gently push them out then block the hole with something and check the box properly. Take out any dead chicks. You can usually handle chicks okay without mums getting to fussed. I start checking my hens every day when they lay eggs so as to get them used to me and I handle babies as needed to keep their toes and beaks free of dried on food or poo's. Be aware that hens can be very protective and may bite you, but most usually don't. Go slow and gentle and be careful that she goes out of the hole not out beside your hand. In the wild nature just takes its course and dead babies are not removed but its going to decompose and create its own health hazard so best removed.
  11. Hello there, I have a single mother budgie who is caring currently for her new born chicks, the father died a month ago suddenly and she has been very happy looking after her eggs whilst incubation and now being hatched. the first one was born on the 12th, the second on the 14th and the third on the 17th. its been difficult sometimes to take pictures as she gets upset, though I noticed in one of the photos the third baby had a black stomach and was pushed to the side. Later we took another look and it seemed to be in the middle with the others or gone? Now we are not sure if it dead or unhealthy, and if we should leave things be or try to take her out of the nest to have a look and if it would injure or disturb her? we have been feeding her daily egg and biscuits fresh broccoli and carrot, shell grit and cuttlefish and seeds, any help will be helpful! thank you
  12. While you wait for it to hatch, you can read up on hand rearing. Our FAQs section has good articles. You can teach yourself just about anything you need to know about breeding budgies by reading through the FAQs articles and the pinned topics in the breeding section of the forum. You can also Google YouTube videos of people hand feeding their birds. I wish you luck. Hand feeding from hatch once was enough for me. If I don't have suitable foster hens, I let them go. I only hand feed now after the parents raise them the first two weeks.
  13. they babies in the eggs are alive the mother died yesterday and they survived the night as i had the lamp on for them . i want to give them the best chance they have so i am looking into all the options available for them , including the one where i have to incubate them for now so i would like opinions advises as much as i can get thanks
  14. Also Raad I would say that if you try your best and fail, then you are not alone. Unfortunately things like this do happen and the more you raise birds or any other thing for that matter then the more you will see that things can go right and they can go wrong too. Sometimes no matter what you do things don't turn out the way you want them to. Good luck. I hope it works out for you.
  15. If you have managed to keep them alive I think its their best bet. If I have a hen that has laid to many eggs and I have another hen on eggs the same age she will take them no problem...Its no good giving the eggs to a hen with no eggs as she will destroy them and you don't want them hatching way before or way after the ones that are already in the nest. If they have chilled over night I think it would be to late to rescue them.
  16. but i would still like to know how to feed the little ones when they hatch . like what formula to feed and how long to take care of them its okay if its a lot of trouble i am on my break either way with nothing better to do , i want to save these eggs so can you please help
  17. they haven't laid any eggs for now as we shifted them to a larger cage but before that i have put a newborn chick with the other birds ( the ones which laid eggs but never hatched and the other birds have destroyed the eggs ) and it grew up just fine. but these are eggs so i am a bit scared to let them go in the big cage . what if the other birds manage to attack the eggs ? if it was a new egg that hasnt been incubated i would let the eggs go there but these eggs have the babies inside them and i have seen it so i am a bit scared . i am trying to see if there are any birds which will be able to foster them
  18. Hi. Your bird appears to be a Spangle which is not ideal for breeding Rainbows. You need Clearwings, Opaline, Golden Face or Yellow all in combination. If you add Opaline to the colours of your bird you will get some attractive birds which are similar to Rainbows. Breeding Rainbows takes years to put together the colours that make a Rainbow. Have fun.
  19. Hi Raad. Fostering to hens with eggs the same age is the best option. Did you manage to foster them?
  20. Hi Raad, You could try incubating them like chicken eggs. Approx 99.5F (37.5C?) with humidity about 50%, and turn them 3-5 times per day. However, if they hatch, you are going to have a hard time keeping them alive for the first week. They will need round the clock hand feedings from a pipette or eye dropper and a warm environment, about the same as the eggs need in the incubator. It can be done, but it will be a lot of trouble. Your best bet is to see if anyone near you has a pair of budgies sitting on eggs that will be due around the same time. Good luck!
  21. pls i really need help
  22. hi i have 2 adult birds and which laid eggs . my female budgie laid 5 eggs and she passed away today and only the father was with them we have a separate cage only for these . i could leave the eggs with the father but the father had a seizure last month and only now he is recovered it was because he was stressed and lonely with only his mate. we have two cages as they are the parents they babies whatever grew up in a separate cage since we had to leave town for a few days we gave the parents cage to a vet person that we knew and the other to a friend and during that time he had an seizure and he recovered from it we came the next day and got the cages and he was fine after that he had no signs of a seizure but now as his mate has passed we put him in the other cage with the other budgies as i cant not risk another seizure. but the eggs that were laid are fertile and you can see a baby moving in side one of the eggs and i dont want them to die. so i would like some help . i am going to check in the morning if there are any birds that can foster them i would also like help in this pls i have put a lamp near them for now as i dont know wat to do
  23. Hello, I'm new here and new to budgie breeding. Below are photo's of my baby boy. I would like to buy him a mate when he reaches breeding age with the goal of producing rainbow budgies. Will it be possible? If so, is there anyone who could advise me on what characteristics I should look for in a female to accomplish this goal?
  24. Hello everyone, Last year I stopped breeding budgies, due to the fact that I could no longer care for babies and parents, because of full time work and study commitments. I continued to keep adult budgies for 6 months. I recently released my budgies, cleaned out the aviary, and stored everything away. I'm not sure if I will breed budgies again, but I sure had a blast doing so while I did. It was about 5 years of breeding, with many beautiful clutches and chicks being created. I also lost a few, which I was quite sad about, but sometimes, there's not much one can do. This also marks the farewell for this site, perhaps for now, perhaps for good. I made some good friends here, many of which are no longer active. However I want to thank anyone still on here, for the knowledge and experience provided. Farewell, stay safe and happy bird keeping, Budgie_Mad.
  25. Hi breeders, Lately i checked my english/club budgies box and i figure out that the one and only egg was tiny compared to my other pairs eggs. The femlae is a very small grey spangle... Im not sure if the egg is small becuase she is small but im sure theres nothing wrong with it but i just thought i would check. Thanks
  26. Some people do pop by from time to time, tho the forum isn't as active as it once was. I check this forum on an almost weekly basis, but am unable to give advice about birds due to never having owned any. I'm mainly here as a forum maintainer and support. The Netsta, does check in here from time to time as well.
  27. Most likely coccidiosis . the second bird probably infected the first one ,
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