Unsafe Foods

04-Mar-2008 10:15

Apple seeds
Are TOXIC to budgies and should NEVER be fed.
Aubergine (eggplant)
Rhubarb (including leaves)
Dairy products
Raw potato
Crisps (Chips) or other high salt human foods
Human Breakfast cereals containing Zinc
Strawberries (or any highly perishable fruit) unless 100% organic

AVOID -  Dried fruit preserved with sulfites may not be the best choice for your bird. People sometimes have acute hypersensitivity reactions to sulfites, so an animal as small as a bird may have an even greater sensitivity to them. In many cases, we have to rely on guidelines we use for ourselves until someone discovers that the ingredient affects birds as well.

Should also be avoided as they may cause harm to your budgie.Some fruits and vegetables are sprayed and treated with high amounts of pesticides and should be avoided if possible. Organic produce is best to feed your budgies, and always remember to wash any fresh fruits or vegetables very thoroughly before feeding. check out our FAQ system for more information.

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